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Sukkur - 1889

Modern Sukkur was built by the British general Sir Charles Napier in the 1840s.

Note three kinds of boats plying the Indus visible in the photograph: steam-driven vessels in the background, large sailboats in the mid-ground, and the ancient flat-bottomed ferry boat in the immediate foreground. This last type still operates today.

Indus river 1860, Sukkur


Boat builders at Sukkur

Photograph of men at work constructing wooden boats at Sukkur in the Sindh province now in Pakistan taken by an unknown photographer in the 1890s.


Lansdowne Bridge on the Indus at Sukkur - 1889

The Lansdowne Bridge over the Indus at Sukkur was one of the great engineering feats in the 19th century. The longest cantilever bridge ever built, it had to support the load of heavy steam locomotives. The bridge was inaugurated on March 25, 1889, the day this photograph was probably taken. The bridge permitted trains from Karachi towards the north to cross the Indus without using a ferry service.

Some old photographs of Lansdowne Bridge


Sri Sadh Bella Tirath, SUKKUR (1910)

A Hindu religious place of worship on an island in the middle of the Indus River in Sukkur, Sindh. Downstream from the island of Bukkur, and separated from it by a short stretch of river, is the pretty little island of Sat or Sadh Belo. On it is a Hindu religious establishment found in AD 1823 by Swami Bakhandi Maharaj Udasi. It is reached by boat from the Sukkur Bund. It is also one of the few Hindu temples where all castes are served food simultaneously. Following Sindhi Hindu practice, the Granth Sahib, or Sikh holy book is revered here as well.


Some Glimpses of the Sadh Bella Temple


Sateen jo Aastan

Tile work,sateen jo aastan, Sukkur




Neh Takkar


Maasoom Shah Jo Munaro

A majestic view of one of Sukkur's historic monuments

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