Volume - 11 : Issue - 3

Published : Jul. - Sep. 2012

Group : Spirituality

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The Moment of Calm
On Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani’s Birthday

“I refuse to Believe I am 94”

“People tell me that I will be turning 94. But I don’t believe it,” remarked Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani an his birthday celebrations were set to start at the Sadhu Vawani Mission in Pune and at the Sadhu Vaswani Centers all around the world.

22 July 2012 – Anand Akhandkirtan

Anand Akhandkirtan is the customary inaugural function which heralds the commencement of celebrations of the birthday of Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani.

At 10 a.m. there was recitation of Gita Slokas in the melodious voice of Sadhu Vaswani, along with the lightning of the sacred Havan (Holy Fire), and the kindling of the “Akhand Hyot ‘by Rev. Dada himself.

This was followed by representatives of different religions reciting prayers from their respective faiths; for the well-being of Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani. The words of blessings by the Bishop of Pune Rev. Thomas Dabre were poignant, saying, “Today we are here to thank and praise God for the gift of Dada Vaswani, not only to the Vaswani Mission, but the humanity.”

If was followed by much awaited Anad Kirtan. Singers Manjushree Oak, Siddharth Mohan, Shailendra Bhartti and other renowned singers regaled the audience till midnight. Ms. Soni Kripalani, who came from Delhi to attend the event said, “It felt lie as if I am in some other world.”

The Anand Kirtan was interspersed with Rev. Dada’s talk in Hindi in the evening. He spoke on the power, efficacy and necessity of forgiveness day. He said that during a lifetime, each one is faced with the situation were he has to decide between love and hared, between forgiveness and revenge. It is always better to opt for forgiveness. Living by the precept of “an eye for an eye” only tends towards disaster. To walk the path of the forgiveness one has not only to forgive, but also to ask for forgiveness, for each one if us is filled with flows and errors.

He helpfully provided suggestions & tips towards attending forgiveness. Most aptly, Rev Dada ended with the prayer “Father, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

A devotee, Chitra Babani, Anita Bhavnani, after listening to the talk said, “I was sitting at the back, I realized most of ladies sitting beside me were crying because Dada’s speech was vey effective. They were wiping their eyes silently.”

The new book “The Miracle of Forgiving”, by Dada J.P. Vaswani was released.

28 July 2012 – SLOW DOWN YOUR PACE   

On this day, the crowd that had come to pay their respects and listen to Dada, were also fortunate to enjoy the devotional vocals of the celebrity singer of the evening – Sreeram Chandra, an Indian Idol fifth round finalist.

In his talk on ‘Slow Down Your Pace,’ Rev. Dada spoke about the mad rush everywhere. Even when the body is the stationary, the mind is scurrying and racing, this building within us stress which manifests in the form of several illnesses. He then provided practical suggestions to overcome stress and worry. A lively Q & A followed after the talk.

A question was asked that as we are moving fast in the center lane on the expressway and if we slow down, there is a bound to be an accident and a serious of crashes. So what would youb do? “Just change in lane,” Rev. Dada remarked with a smile.

Q.        You are at the head of such a large institution. How do you pace yourself even at 94?

A.         I refuse to believe I am 94. Youth is a state of mind which should be fresh, open to receive new ideas.

Q.        Can slow and steady really win the race today?

A.         In the race between the hare and the tortoise, the hare wins the race. Do you want to be a hare? Work at your pace and be happy. That is more important.

29 July 2012 – Swing & Sway – Make the Right Moves

The evening of July 29, 2012, was in hands of the Bridge Builders, the youth wing of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. The presentation was naturally in the style unique to the young and the effervescent, and was tiled – ‘Swing &Sway – Make the Right Moves’. The grand finale was the mega play ‘Swing and Sway’ – the true protagonist of which was ‘Forgiveness’.

Rev. Dada said he loved the words, “Make the Right move.” We all have a choice. Everyone wants to be a happy. For this the secret is, make the right choice.

Rev. Dada’s singing of the closing refrain. Is an emphatic voice resonated throughout the crowd – “Let us forgive and forget, let us forgive and forget, Do it now! Don’t be late! Do it now! Don’t be late! And your all be blessed!”

30 July 2012 -  Sunhairee Sindhi Sanjha

Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani being a Saint of Sindhi and a prolific writer of Sindhi poems and songs, it was benefitting that an evening was dedicated to Sindhi evening. Accomplished singers came to perform – such as Mahesh Chander, Kaajal Chandiramani, Jaishree Bathija from Mumbai & Dr. Harish Wadhwani from London. Songs and Sindhi Kalaams by the Sufi Greats such as Shah Latif, Sami, Bedil, Sachal, Bekas & by Rev.Dada were sung and glorified.

1 August 2012 – Mera Friend

The evening beheld the grand opening of the special film ‘Mera Friend’ in honour of Revered Dada. The melodious and rousing kirtan by Seema Ramchandani set the mood of joy and celebration. The Police Commissioner of Pune Mr. Gulabrao Pol, the Chief Guest of the evening, was warmly greeted by Dada. He was requested to release a new book by Dada, ‘You can change your Life – Live just don’t exist.’

Rev. Dada’s message was brief and succinct referring to the longing in every heart of a true friend – the friendship should be cultivated by One such who is referred to as Allah, God, Jehovah, Bhagvan, Ram, Shyam and so on. Deepen your bond with Him daily and develop an intimate relationship with Him.

The Chief Guest spoke a few words, appreciating the fact that Dada and the mission were striving towards peace and harmony in Pune, in the state and in the country, through bringing all the different sects together.

The much awaited movie ‘Mera Friend’ premiered. The focus was on love and forgiveness with incidents from Dada’s life, reinforcing it, ending with Rev. Dada being depicted as ‘Mera Friend’ followed by the highlights of Lord Krishna as his best friend.

2 August 2012 – Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani Bithday – The Moment of Calm

The Times of India, featured in it the morning of August 2nd – “Invite a Moment of Calm” – speaking of the World Wide Forgiveness Campaign that would be observed at 2 pm local time today on August 2nd, on occasion of Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani’s birthday.

As an offering to him on the occasion of his birthday, Sadhu Vaswani Mission Pune started a World Wide Forgiveness Campaign and people were asked to pledge to forgive took a shape in the hearts of the people – the young and old alike, across continents and far flung places. And people started forgiving. Many sent in their experience as how their lives have changed because of this forgiveness campaign.

At the Pune Mission campus, beautiful yellow T-shirts, the colour of the spirit, were distributed among every member of the audience heralding the ‘Moment of Calm’. The shirts had “The Moment of Calm, August 2 @ 2pm” imprinted on them with Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani’s message at the back –

If you wish to win – be tender:

If you wish to conquer – forgive!

Rev. Dada led the congregation in the forgiveness prayer to forgive all at 2pm.

Sadhu Vaswani Center from all over the century joined online via the web cast over the Internet to utter the forgiveness prayers along with Rev. Dada and the Pune gathering.

The Moment of Calm was observed all over the country. At the Hyderabad center, 500 people gathered together to observe Moment of Calm. In the heart of the capital – The New Delhi Sadhu Vaswani Center & School had a week-long program – with the theme of “The Magic of Forgiveness”.

The forgiveness prayer for the Moment of Calm given beforehand by Rev. Dada JP Vaswani spread across many countries and got translated into languages like French and Spanish and Kannada.

Other spiritual masters joined the mission in observing the Moment of Calm. The Moment of Calm was even observed at the banks of the River Ganges, by Swami Chidanand Saraswati, head of the Parmarth Ashram, as he led a special prayer of forgiveness and love there at 2pm.

Companies too observed the Moment of Calm. An entire factory of Casablanca stopped work to observe the Moment of Calm. The entire team of magazine publishing firm in Mumbai – Complete Well Being – observed the Moment of Calm.

The total count of pledges received in this first campaign was 136,461 exceeding expectations. They were offered to Rev. Dada by Sadhu Vaswani Mission as a birthday offering.

A comment received fro Ms. Meena Udharam, put across the effect it had on people – “The best moment of my life – Forgive and forget.”

Deepavali Message

Of Goethe, the great world-poet of the eighteenth century, it is said that when he lay on his death-bed, surrounded by his friends, he asked one of them to open the windows of his room. As the windows were opened, the great poet exclaimed: “Light! More Light!”

The world today is passing through a period of darkness. That is why we every day we hear reports of murders and suicides and theft being committed in broad day light. The world needs light, mre light!

Every human being has a center of light within him. This light is veiled within many veils. The Deepavali returns, year after year, bearing the great message: Drop the veils and let the light shine.

The man of light does not live with himself alone. He is not selfish or greedy. He has realized that life and all bounties of life are given him to be shared with those that are in need. He prays the prayer which I call the “Deepavali Prayer”:

May be a light to dwellers in the dark!

May I be the strength of the weak, the courage of the timid, and the patience of those who cry and suffer in this world of tragedy and tears!

May I be a friend of the friendless, the forsaken of the forlorn!

May I be to the poor, a treasure untold!

May I give food and drink to those that starve and go thirsty!

May I be a lamp that holds the light to those who have lost their way!

May I be to those who long to cross the sansar sagar a boat and a bridge!

The man of light prays this prayer and is careful to see that in deeds of daily living he bears witness to every word of this prayer. For him everyday becomes a Deepavali Day and every night he hears the mariner’s song: “Never, my Lord, to Thee”.