Volume - 1 : Issue - 5

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2002

Group : Spirituality

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By Brahma Kumari Meera assisted by Brahma Kumari Chanda

Get to know her. You’ll never forget her.
Go to meet her. She’ll welcome you to her home, like a long lost sister or brother !!!

In a world where there are too few models of elevated character and conduct, she is like a light in the darkness. Even her name means ‘Jewel of Light’. She is Dadi Prakashmani.

She is the Head of a unique, and most powerful, stabilized international spiritual organization in the world. Now here, now there, ever on the move, like the flowing Ganga, bringing spiritual succour to millions is Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani, the chief moving spirit of the Brahma Kumaris Organization.

It was a very auspicious moment in 1922 when she was born into a very wealthy business family in Hyderabad (Sind) and was named as Rama Gopaldas Hathiramani. Inspite of being in the very healthy, wealthy family enjoying all the happiness in life, she devoted herself to a life of meditation and divine service. After seeing several divine visions, she dedicated her life to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization.

Her life has embodied the best traditions and values of centuries of our past spiritual and moral heritage. Her dedication, devotion, and a lifetime of selfless service has undoubtedly been a major force in the spread of moral education in the world. A sparkling flawless diamond spreading the sparkle of her divine qualities and virtues to this world. The founding Father, Pitashri Brahma, Prajapita Brahma, foresaw her as the inheritor of the “Crown of Responsibility” and moulded her as an inspiring model of simplicity, mercy, humility, courtesy and divine mannerism.

She is 80 years old but her face belies her age with its ever radiant joy and serenity. Her eyes constantly sparkle with an inner light. She is always dignified and graceful. Her zeal never fails to inspire those who come in contact with her. She has an easy nature. You can meet her, talk to her anytime, anywhere. Her unassuming demeanor and simplicity underscore her spiritual charm and magnetic personality. She has been a source of enlightenment, inspiration, and solace to suffering humanity.

Steering the world’s largest network of its kind, managed mostly by women, is an unparalleled feat by itself. But the responsibilities of leading and constantly inspiring the ever-expanding band of co-workers sits lightly on her shoulders. Administration and leadership come naturally to her. She does not believe in giving orders but she accomplishes the goals and visions of the organization by making each one of her colleagues and co-workers a leader in their own right. The quintessential belief that has made her one of the leading spiritual leaders and a great social reformer of the modern age is that of giving love. She believes that love and selfishness cannot coexist.

“Only a strong person can be humble. Only a powerful being can offer love. If we are weak, we become selfish; if we feel empty inside, we are always demanding from others. But if we allow ourselves to be filled up, we can give automatically,” she says. It is this quality that enables her to naturally inspire people from all levels of society to love – to love themselves and God.

Apart from being a successful administrator, Dadi Prakashmani is also recognized as a great spiritual leader by thousands of people across the world. She has an extraordinary level of understanding of spiritual truths and the ability to translate those spiritual truths and principles into her own life. She never represents herself as ‘Guru’.

Wherever she may be or however busy her schedule may be she never skips her daily study and meditation. Her love of God and her constant sense of being God’s instrument are reflected in her actions and dealings. There is no trace of self-importance or ego in her personality. Whenever she is congratulated on her achievements she invariably replies, “Nothing is in my hands. It’s all HIS work. He is doing everything. I am only HIS instrument. I also owe a lot to my dedicated co-workers.”

However occupied she may be, she always makes herself available for meeting anybody who requests an audience with her. She may be busy with anything, but she never delays in meeting you. She never says, not now, I am busy. She won’t even say “Come back in 10 minutes”. She always gives an instant reply. She listens to each person’s views patiently and she herself invites everybody’s opinion before taking a decision. Her directions are never seen as commands but as motherly advice. Her constant cheerfulness and easy nature makes even a stranger feel like a member of her own spiritual family.

On another level, Dadi Prakashmani is the symbol of a Shakti. She balances masculine and feminine qualities deftly. She can be regarded as one of the most powerful women leaders of this age. Dadi herself believes in equality of men and women. She emphasizes the greatness of feminine qualities like love, mercy, sacrifice, compassion, and caring encourages men to adopt these virtues while women are advised to imbibe masculine qualities such as courage, confidence and detachment. In her own personality, one finds a natural expression of all these virtues during her day-to-day actions and interactions.

She has been decorated with numerous awards, citations and encomiums. But what is greatest achievement? If you observe her intently, you will feel that she is supremely detached while she seems engrossed in an activity, be it a serious meeting or a fun-filled, light-hearted programme. Through all her activities she always maintains her constant link with her true Friend, Companion and Father-the Incorporeal God Shiva. It is this companionship that pervades all her actions and makes her not only a great leader but a holy and venerable person.

Her commitment, as well as that of the university, is nothing less than promotion of positive transformation for life in this planet. An effort that will enable others to reconnect with their own spirituality, to transcend ego-related obstacles and ultimately manifest peace for the human race. If anyone wants to know what life is for, they should see her – She’s a living example of serving God and humanity. In her company there’s no doubt that she is an angel.