Volume - 8 : Issue - 2

Published : April - June 2009

Group : Revival

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American Institute of Sindhulogy


The Founders & Directors of American Institute of Sindhulogy have for a long time looked for ways of promoting participation of younger Sindhi's. Our sincere efforts could not have remained unrewarded. Jhulelal works in unpredictable ways and it seems that finally our prayers have been answered.

Dear Sindhis, please welcome Dr. Avi Balwani who personifies a lot more than we asked for: Drive, Commitment, Belief and Determination not only to join us, but more importantly to take the reins of the Organization to steer it to its ambitious goals.

We the Directors, represent the generation of Sindhi's who were forced to give up our land; forced to migrate into the unknown to the areas of India and the world without the comfort of “the family of Sindhi's” with whom we had grown and identified all along. Dr Avi Balwani represents the hope and the will of us Sindhis.I must admit that he already has delivered “Sindh” to us, a Sindh of our own of which many of us have worked and waited for in a form we see as “Virtual Sindh”.

Dear Sindhis this Sindh can never be taken away from us and in fact promises to transform into its physical form (earth and water) at a no longer unimaginable point in the future. It may not happen in my life time but it certainly can in Avi's, and in yours.

Welcome Avi! God bless you. You are the joy of our civilization of the Sindhu (Indus) valley and we pray that you be given the strength to continue, forever. We are once again inspired and strengthened by your enthusiasm.

Hiro Mirchandani- Sindhi American


Resume of Dr. med. Avi H. Balwani, MD, Finland

Born in 1970 on the happiest Sunday of the lives of Haresh and Dr. med. Rosh Balwani in Mumbai, parents who themselves were migrants from Sindh.

Started speaking sindhi ever since conversation became possible. Graduated from Jai hind College in Mumbai and moved on in 1989 to learn foreign languages.

Graduated in Medicine, in 1998, specialization in Europe, Board of exams in Paris in 2006. Currently active as a specialist, consultant and medical advisor. Remains the Sindhi he was born as and determined to live and serve as one for as long as he can. 

Virtual Sindh

The context

Sindhis have proven once more, to themselves that Darwinians have failed to get the better of the children of the Sindhu. Sindhis have regained a lot of what was once lost, the roots of our existence, our society structure, our state, our land, our language and also our happiness as citizens in our own state.

But "our" is hardly the perfect choice of adjective to describe what we believed we had lost; it never really belonged to us anyway. In fact, comparing 1940 to 2010 we have really lost nothing at all, we have only gained, we ended up not being driven out but rather being carefully selected and driven in to take over the world!! No, dear readers we the Sindhis belonged to it. We belong to it today too. That is also the reason we cannot lose it, we cannot lose the roots of our existence, and neither can we lose our society structure, nor our state, or our land, let alone our language and also our happiness as citizens in our own state.

Sindhis have never ever known what it means to give up, to lose, to fail. We are born to stand up on our own feet, to run before we can walk, to sing before we can talk, to make, to gain & give, to succeed and to share success. Sindhis will therefore continue to make, to give and to share. This axiom once more reasserted itself in bringing me to the American Institute of Sindhulogy and bringing the founders and promoters of the movement to me.

The Mission

The time is coming for us Sindhis to resurrect the roots of our existence. We have to prepare, we have to work, we have to create and then we have to share Sindh, just as Sindhis always did. We the current generation, my generation, have to relieve the former generation of the heavy burden they have carried for us to enable us to retain our identity, our being and our purpose for mankind. The vision of our fully resurrected Sindhi State, a flourishing Sindhi society and a happy Sindhi people waits to become reality. We have developed the means, gathered the knowledge, maintained the tenacity and nurtured the sincerity to carry through the unfulfilled dreams of our parents and grandparents through to fruition.

The dream became a vision; the vision has now evolved into a mission to form our very own sandhog constitution, a theme that has been taken up by me with Sindhu Rattan Ram Jethmalani. Dear Sindhi, the mission is a service, a service to mankind itself, but it is even more an obligation to our forefathers and a commitment to the prosperity of the future generations. I would like to take this wonderful opportunity to welcome you to acquaint yourselves with this mission, to be inspired by its agenda, to feel its relevance, to understand its significance, to imbibe its fervour, and in whatever manner possible to feel free to join in.

Virtual Sindh

No other nation or people have it, and we shall be the first to make it! We shall make it using the means available, we shall realize it to perfection. We will create it there where it will evolve and be born. Welcome to virtual Sindh!

Virtual Sindh encompasses the entire planet, with the world wide web. It offers every one of its citizens, the Sindhu, the full benefit of its being, irrespective of geography, and it is neither to be conquered nor can it be taken away. Sindhis from all walks of life are invited to come and evaluate for themselves how easily we can regain the roots of our existence, our society structure, our state, our language and also our happiness as citizens in our own state.

Under the auspices of American Institute of Sindhulogy, Sindhu Rattan Ram Jethmalani and other experienced, widely travelled and most committed amongst us we welcome all voluntary forms of participation, benefaction, furnishment, endowment and votive offerings which any Sindhi may wish to pledge and would be most happy to address all questions and queries. Dear Sindhi, the effort has been born as a spark and has been kindled to a flame. With your goodwill towards the American Institute of Sindhulogy there remains no doubt that we shall soon share growing success.

Thank you very much for your most kind attention, and do feel free to join us in virtual Sindh!

American Institute of Sindhulogy to promote knowledge of Sindhu & Saraswati Civilzation