Volume - 5 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2006

Group : Revival

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By Jhamatmal Wadhwani

Many great and mighty civilizations of the world have vanished because of negligence and indifferent attitude of the people of those civilizations and their not realising the dangers to their civilizations.

Indus Valley Civilization is the oldest civilization of the World. After creation of Pakistan, the Sindhi Hindus migrated to Hindustan and faced many difficulties to establish themselves in India.

They really love their country Sind, its civilization, culture and language. Even many other communities of India have the same feelings about Sindhi, Sindh, Sindhu & Indus Valley Civilization.

The Sindhi language and culture of Sindh & Sindhis is in danger of being lost and vanishing on account of neglect and indifference by Sindhis to their own language and culture. They do not speak Sindhi in their homes, with each other at social functions or even at Sindhi festivals. This neglect of Sindhi language will be the cause of the death of the Sindhi community.

National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL) has realized this danger and started, after great deliberation and detailed study Sindhi Language Learning Classes throughout India from the year 2003 and has had a very encouraging response from various parts of the country.

This project needs selfless, determined & dedicated volunteers to promote the language and move from town to town and motivate the people, educational institutions, ladies, panchayats; about Sindhi language & Sindhi culture. We have to fight a war for the revival and perseveration of Sindhi culture and showcase the achievements of Sindhis and Sindhi values to the world.

The movement for learning Sindhi in Sindhi classes needs support by way of producing attractive books for children both in Arabic and Devnagari; Workshops for Sindhi music, dance, drama and films.

The writers and the poets should now undertake the job of teaching Sindhi classes and other motivational and supportive activities in creating an atmosphere for learning Sindhi throughout the country.

It has to be emphasized that the learning of language is not a money earning project but to maintain and strengthen the roots of Sindhyat and make every Sindhi tall and proud who lives with honor and is always self-dependent. Sindhis should realise this language is very much a part of ourselves like our dear child whom we nurse and adore.

This movement also needs support from satellite channels for broadcast of various Sindhi programs throughout the country, not only in Sindhi language but also in all native lanaguages. The broadcast should project the history, culture and pride that every community of our country holds dear to its heart.