Volume - 5 : Issue - 1

Published : Jan. - Mar. 2006

Group : Revival

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By Sunil Shivdasani

Mumbai : The 12th International Sindhi Sammelan, held in Mumbai from December 28 to 30, 2005, would go down in history for its important decision to unanimously declare noted jurist Ram Jethmalani as the leader of the community, and honour him with 'Sindhu Ratan' award, according to Chairman of the Sammelan, Ram Jawhrani.

Jethmalani received a standing ovation after his name was announced to head the high power committee to redress the grievances of the Sindhi community as well as to protect the political and social rights of the community brethren.

Accepting the decision of the Sammelan, Jethmalani said “I am happy to note that you have placed trust in me and I will ensure that Sindhis get justice at all forums.

The Chairman of the Sammelan, Ram Jawhrani said the high power committee shall comprise of coordinators from all over the world and shall take up just causes of the Sindhi community like demolitions in Ulhasnagar, representation of the Sindhi script on currency notes and Jhankis' representing Sindhis in the Republic Day parade.

The Sammelan was hosted by Sahyog Foundation, a socio-cultural organization and Sindhishaan. The inaugural function commenced with the lighting of traditional lamp by actor-MP Shatrughan Sinha, former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha, noted jurist Ram Jethmalani, filmmaker Govind Nihalani, industrialists Srichand Hinduja and Ram Buxani from the UK and Dubai respectively. Saeen Sadhram Sahib of Rahriki  Sindh, came specially to bless the 'Sammelan'  Saeen Chanduram Sahib was also present to bless the occasion.

The Sammelan also featured cultural programmes on December 28th & 29th including folk dances and music. Artists from all over the country participated in the event. Amongst others were the charismatic Anila Sunder with her dance troup, Singer Kajal Chandiramani and Ghansham Vaswani with his wife Meenakshi and daughter Shilpa, Vishni Irani, Sangeeta Lala with here troup, Bhagat Kamal and his party, king of comedy  Parmanand 'Pyasi' with the highlight being the performance of Bhagat Lakhmichand who specially came from Sindh. Special awards of 'Sindhi Idol' were given to Manjushree Asudani of Nagpur and Kumari Sangeeta Lala of Mumbai in the field of music and dance respectively.

On the occasion, village “Sindhuri” was created specially for the event organized at Bandra-Kurla Complex. A special stage was erected at the Sammelan wich threw light on Indus Valley civilization from where Sindhi's originate. Other highlights were Sant Kanwarlal Chowk, Jhulelal temple at the function.

Eminent Sindhi scholars presented papers at various workshops for youth, women welfare and NRI issues.

Sindhi cuisine was served at lunch and dinner. Delegates from all over the world including USA, UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai attended the 3 day Sammelan.

1.            First International Sammelan held outdoors with almost 1700 participating delegates from all over the globe.
2.            Ambience of a typical village in Sindh created for the benefit of delegates.
3.            A separate workshop held for women.
4.            An open session for youth.