Volume - 12 : Issue - 2

Published : April - June 2013

Group : Personalities


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MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) ~ Life Member


The MDRT is the most prestigious international honour in the insurance industry. Less than 1% of industry personnel worldwide acquire such membership. MDRT members are recognized for their extraordinary sales excellence, professional product knowledge, customer service and ethical standards.

With his attentive customer service, timeless sales philosophy and integrity, independent insurance broker Lal Hardasani, founder and managing director of Lal's Insurance Brokers Limited - Hong Kong, has built a thriving business in the industry and has qualified as a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) back-to-back for 17 years.

His firm, possessing a dazzling portfolio of life insurance as well as marine cargo, medical, fire and general insurances, now serves approximately 150 general insurance clients and over 1,300 life insurance customers.

Lal arrived in Hong Kong on 15th August 1969. The young and ambitious Indian gentleman was deeply impressed by the city as a trading hub that has attracted entrepreneurs, risk takers and economic refugees. He made up his mind to start a new life here. In 1972, Lal started his garment trading business. However, the trading business fluctuated throughout the year and triggered him to make a career change to insurance in 1979.

It is never easy to launch a new business from scratch. Being a new entry in the insurance industry, Lal faced many challenges in the early stages. “The first two years were a real struggle. But slowly, I learned the business with a lot of hard work. I made my contacts and the business then slowly started to grow" he confesses.

Having been in the business for over three decades, Lal thinks being an independent broker in the city has plentiful opportunities to build up a close relationship with clients and provide them with a wide range of products to choose from. Lal has always maintained fairness in his business dealings.

"I personally feel that this is a business of trust. If people like and trust you, then they will buy from you. In other words, we are not selling the products, but our reputation and trust. Clients do not bother whether we are giving them company A or B. All they care about is our recommendations as they have full confidence in us," he says. "But it takes years to build up this confidence and reputation".

He has been awarded many awards from various insurance companies for outstanding sales performance over the years. Having achieved so much, Mr. Lal is now one of the top Indian brokers in Hong Kong.

Lal was born in Hyderabad Sindh now in West Pakistan and after partition the family moved to Mumbai. He was brought up and educated in Mumbai in K. J. Khilani High School - Dadar and Jai Hind College - Churchgate. His family business is silver, which his father started in 1937 which continues to flourish and is run by his 3 brothers. They have 3 silverware showrooms in different locations in Mumbai. Lal himself worked with his father for about 1 month only as he did not find the business interesting and went on to join an export company owned by his father's first cousin.

He owes gratitude to his parents, his family and his lord for helping him to achieve his personal and professional goals.
He follows his own formula for success which is:

1.    Positive thinking : You are what you think, a simple but very accurate statement.

2.    Be honest, hardworking, sincere and have determination and dedication.

3.    Self-motivation and strong will power.

4.    Have patience and perseverance.

5.    Follow the principal "Customer is always right". Spoil him with best attention and service.

6.    Live with dignity and discipline.

7.    Give back to community.

One of Lal's greatest passions is preserving his Sindhi heritage. As an active founder member of the Sindhi Association Hong Kong and China, Lal devotes much of his leisure time in organizing events to promote Sindhi Culture.

Lal Hardasani was awarded the International Sindhyat (NRI) Award in 2010 from the Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha - one of the oldest Sindhi organisation of India - at its Annual International Award Function at Indore (MP).

Professional Memberships

  • Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) - Life Member.

  • Professional Insurance Brokers Association

  • The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong - Life Member

  • The Hong Kong Chamber of Insurance Intermediaries

Trustee-          Indian Institute of Sindhology - Adipur (Kutch).
Writers & Artists Welfare Foundation – Mumbai

Community Service

  • Indian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

The Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong for the year 1995-1996.

  • Hindu Association, Hong Kong

Trustee of the Association that manages the Hindu Temple in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, which is the center of all the religious activities of the Hindu Community in Hong Kong.

  • Young Executive Group, Hong Kong

President of the Group in the year 1992

  • Sindhi Association of Hong Kong & China

An active Co-Founder of the association.

  • Sindhi Council of India, New Delhi, India

Supreme Councillor - NRI Region

  • Global Sindhi Council, Asia, Member