Volume - 9 : Issue - 2

Published : April - June 2010

Group : Personalities


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It all began in 1979. Club Solitaire, formerly known as Dee Chan Jewellers, has evolved into a household name in Indonesia.

For 27 years, Mr. Deepak Topandasani’s care for one’s investment in his creations has been of great concern. Together with his wife, Karizma, they have created an internationally recognized company which distributes Italian and German jewellery brands within Indonesia. Having mastered their craftsmanship over these years, they are confident of the fine quality and intricacy of detail in every piece.

Today, the new generation, Kunal and Ekta seek to expand and spread the wings of the business even further. With fresh concepts, Kunal is the development manager and technology advisor to the business. His fondness for the tech world motivated him to start his own company specialising in e-marketing and advertising. Ekta has joined her family as the marketing and brand manager as well as a designer. From a young age, jewellery has always been a passion for her. “My dream was always to be able to be part of a business which has prestige, elegance and glamour. Club Solitaire is exactly where I can find these three things,” she says proudly. After graduating with a bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance and Accounting in the United States, she came back to Indonesia and joined her parents’ Jewellery business. Having GIA qualifications in diamond grading and jewellery design, she puts her perfectionism of both fields into practice alongside her father. “Together we make a team which prioritizes and never compromises quality in what we manufacture.”

Ekta is currently developing a new jewellery line called ‘Vivido Gioielli’ which entails bold designs and colourful lines for Club Solitaire. She plans to launch ‘Vivido Gioielli’ this summer. “I’m very excited. It is time to welcome our fourth decade with a bang!”



One of the finest businesses of a Vegetarian Chain Restaurant with a franchise concept in the world.


The Komala’s Group started from Komala Vilas, a restaurant serving traditional Indian vegetarian meals that was founded by Mr. Murugiah Rajoo (M. Rajoo) in 1947. The restaurant has a high reputation for its quality, value-for-money and authentic Indian food, as well as its commitment to cleanliness and hygiene. It is the commitment to such values that earned Komala Vilas’ popularity with the Indians, Malays, Chinese and tourists throughout its 50-year history in Singapore. This one restaurant has now grown into a small group of food and beverage operations.

The founders of Komala’s, with years of experience in the restaurant business, understand that there is a strong demand for Indian vegetarian food in the international market. Their vision is to make quality Indian vegetarian food readily available at affordable price internationally. Komala’s believe that the best way to accomplish their vision is to establish more Komala’s Restaurants as it enables consumers to enjoy authentic Indian vegetarian meals without having to pay inflated prices. The concept also has the added benefits of fast food style deliveries.

A formal business planning exercise in June 1997 by the management team of Komala’s led to the following three-pronged expansion approach :
a) Establish a chain of Komala’s Restaurants outlets in Singapore in 2000
b) set up a Komala’s Fast Food pilot outlet in Chennai in 1999
c) Expand Komala’s Fast Food worldwide through an efficient franchise network.

We are proud to say that Komala’s Restaurants is the pioneer. Serving Vegetarian food within minutes after placing the order is a tough challenge for any restaurant, but Komala’s achieved the feat with the successful adoption of the semi fast food concept.

Vegetarian Semi Fast Food – A Revolutionary Concept

Komala’s Restaurants now gives Asians an option of enjoying Indian and Asian meal with the added benefits of fast food deliveries. The Management strongly believes that this new dining concept will be popular worldwide, especially in Caucasian-dominated countries where there are emerging trends in eating Asian dishes, particularly Indian and Asian vegetarian food. The existence of huge overseas Indian and Asian communities in major cities worldwide also provides a ready market for Komala’s Restaurants, which can make available to them reasonable home-cooked quality meals without paying overly inflated prices.


  • Semi Fast Food Concept with an International Standard & System that allows to grow and multiply

  • Wide Variety  of popular Indian vegetarian fares such as Dosais, Pooris, Bhatturas, Chappatis, etc. accompanied by local varieties which is introduced to adapt with the local preference and taste

  • Quality is consistent and complies with high standards of cleanliness

  • Affordable Price for a complete set of meal

  • Service Benchmark to ensure that an order is freshly cooked and served to the customer within minutes from the time an order is placed

  • Serving Speed is made possible by the well-designed operation system and workflow

  • Superior Ambience  that contrast to exiting traditional Indian restaurants

  • Brand Awareness as the restaurant existed since 1947


  • Opening of the first Komala’s Fast Food Restaurant in July 1995. Traditional concept to a Model setting.

  • Opening of the Outlets at Peninsula Plaza and Scots Shopping Centre in the year 1998 re-assured the concept of the fast food restaurant

  • The opening of the outlet cum Training School in India in Jan 1999 showed the acceptance of the fast food concept, even in the country where tradition, up holds strongly.

  • May 2000 – The formation of Komala’s International Pte. Ltd. To be the Master Franchisor for the Komala’s concept with the rights from Komala’s Pte. Ltd.

  • To-date Komala’s has successfully opened four franchised outlets and is now busy setting up other outlets in various parts of the world.

  • The Franchised outlets opened in :

  • Thailand – Bangkok in June 2002

  • India – Chennai in December 2002

  • Indonesia – Jakarta in April 2004

  • Canada – Toronto in September 2005

  • Having registered a Holding Company in United Kingdom in order to establish a franchise network in Europe – June 2003


Komala’s – Indonesia is a Master Franchise from Singapore solely owned by PT. Graha Bhakti Semesta. The company is owned and operated by :

  • Sanjay K. Chotrani

  • Gurmeet Singh

In Jakart, Komala’s opened its doors on April 29th, 2004. Initially, the restaurant only used to serve Indian food. Presently choices of Chinese, Western and Middle Easter food are available  and become popular vegetarian dish. The addition of non-Indian vegetarian food has proved to attract other market segment which initially dominated by Indians, now at par with other market segment which are Indonesian, Chinese and Westerner. Consequently, Komala’s existence becomes stronger and more resilient with business volatility due to having vast market segment.

Another breaktrhrough by Komala’s Indonesia to the non-Indian customer is the introduction of vegetarian meat. Vegetarian meat is a product which is made of flour and vegetable products. This development enables the creation of new cuisine variance beyond any limit.

Komala’s Indonesia is the pioneer that is able to transform cuisines that used to be only served with real meat now served with vegetarian meat. It is projected that in the long term non-vegetarian segment will also become Komala’s customer.

Consistent marketing, advertising and promotion ohas been carried out to attract non-Indian market segment. Vegetarian food has always been perceived as the less delicious compared with non-vegetarian food. Vegetarian food has always been translated as only serving green vegetables. Our advertising and promotion strategy is to change that perception.

Komala’s Indonesia has succeeded in giving a new look and taste to vegetarian food as being very attractive, colourful and delicious by sing refine recipes, optimum ingredients, quality and served in an outlet with superb ambience.



It is my privilege to introduce you to Queen’s Tandoor, which has brought to Jakarta for the first time, a unique blend of Authentic Indian and Chinese cuisines.

Queen’s Tandoor is proud to present a heaven for the food lovers. A place where connoisseurs and casual diners converge in appreciation of the delicate flavours of traditional and fusion Indian cuisine. Queen’s Tandoor presents an unsurpassable non-vegetarian and vegetarian dining experience.

The original Queen’s Tandoor was founded in 1986 and stands today in the same prestigious location in the business district of the city, where luxurious boutiques and five star hotels converge catering to international clientele on business and holidays.

Over the years the restaurant has succeeded in establishing a string of franchise from cities of Jakarta to Bali, Singapore, Manila and an addition to the family in Saudi Arabia. Each franchise adheres to a ‘strict Queen’s formula’ and features elegant ambiance and contemporary interior design. Each restaurant employs a small army of intensely trained Indian chefs ans support staff all appreciative of the individual customers’ taste and requirement.

Experience the majestic side of Indian dinning at Queen’s Tandoor and welcome to our little India here at Jakarta.



Alta Moda is the premier retailer of fashion fabrics in Indonesia. Tastefully designed shops adorn the finest shopping malls and plazas in major cities across Indonesia.

Alta Moda is patronized by the vanguards of Indonesia’s ‘happening’ fashion scene as well as the fshion say. That is to say, Alta Moda enjoys the privilege of serving a wide range of clients from fashion designers to celebrities and even royalty.

Alta Moda is truly the preferred fashion resource with an unparalleled collection of luxurious, imported fabrics of the best quality. Leading fashion designers from Indonesia and other part of Asia rely on Alta Moda to bring them the latest trends in fabric designs and colours.

Brand Recognition & Promotion

In just a few years, Alta Moda has established a strong brand presence as the leading retailer of branded European fabrics. This is no small feat in a country the size of Indonesia. The name Alta Moda has become synonymous with elegance and opulence associated with haute couture.

Alta Moda owns and manages a chain of 14 shops in Indonesia and Singapore and is steadily expanding its footprint in South-East Asia. Few companies, if any, can boast such reach in retailing of designer haute couture. However, the journey has not been without challenges. Alta Moda created a paradigm shift at a time when few in Indonesia believed that the country was ready for high fashion.

Alta Moda continues to inspire and support young and up-coming designers by providing them with a platform for their talent. Co-sponsoring of fashion shows and events is one such medium that Alta Moda bas taken seriously in the quest to promote local talent and as a means of giving back to the community.

The ‘All New’ Alta Moda Boutique

Alta Moda created an entirely new standard in fashion. The boutique shares the same name as its sister stores but that is where the similarity ends. The new boutique boasts an entirely new look and carries a variety of limited edition fabrics by Scabal, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fintness, Valentino and Emanuel Ungaro. These fabrics are offered exclusively at this boutique. The refreshing appeal of the new store coupled with Alta Moda’s traditional excellence in service will only serve to set the bar much higher.

How it Began

The forerunner to the present day Alta Moda chain was a textile wholesale business that was established in 1984. In the early years business concentrated primarily on importing budget fabrics for the price-sensitive Indonesian market. As the economy grew, demand for quality fabrics increased in tandem. The company’s management responded to this demand by filling that niche of the market. Encourage by the growing demand for fashion the focus narrowed to wholesale distribution of high-end fabrics.

In 1994, the management saw potential in moving the business further downstream into retailing. Working directly with consumers would put them in the front line and provide an opportunity to understand market trends and needs better. This gave birth to Alta Moda and as they say, the rest is history.

Products and Services

Alta Moda carries haute couture from reputed European designers such as Valentino, Emanuel Ungaro, Scabal and Ermenegildo Zegna, to name a few. The range of fabrics is wide and includes exclusive French chiffon, lace and printed Italian Silk. Specialty silk and fine lace with beads and sequins are readily available as are high quality cottons, linen, satin and viscose.

Intricate laces and chiffon embellished with coloured Swarovsky crystals and semi-cultured pearls are a dream for fashion enthusiasts. They epitomize the very best of European haute couture. Alta Moda also retails an exclusive range of designer shirting and suiting material for men.

Aside from fabrics, Alta Moda offers in-house design services. Customers can request the store’s in-house designer to create something appropriate for a special occasion or just for daily wear. When done, customers are free to bring the sketches to their tailors with the fabrics chosen to be sewn. In addition, tailoring services fro men’s formal wear is available at most Alta Moda stores.

Values and Mission

Alta Moda has achieved regional recognition amongst the fashionable, thanks to its unflinching drive for excellence in quality and service. The company has been very careful in selecting products and aligning them to customers’ tastes and needs, making sure to establish an exclusive brand that clients can count on.

Alta Moda prides herself on being able to provide all round service to its clients; from supplying the best fabrics in different price ranges to providing in-house designers who can advice on trends, style, character and comfort. With the changing demands of society, Alta Moda has been able to grow with its clientele while retaining the fundamental values that have made Alta Moda special.

The fabrics offered by Alta Moda stand apart in quality as well as variety. This essentially sums up Alta Moda’s mission, which is to provide the discerning buyer with a one-stop fashion source that offers the fines haute couture collections with outstanding customer service to match it.

Interesting Facts You did not know about Alta Moda

  • The name Alta Moda is taken from the Italian language and literally means high fashion when translated in English.

  • Exclusive designer fabrics sold by Alta Moda are retailed for as much as US$ 5,000 per meter. Some of them are so unique that they are the only pieces of their kind in the world.

  • Exclusive men’s designer suiting material sold by Alta Moda is woven using thread made from 22 carat gold and diamond fragments.

An average Alta Moda store has a range of 20,000 fabric designs and colour assortments to choose from.