Volume - 9 : Issue - 1

Published : Jan. - Mar. 2010

Group : Personalities


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By Ram Jawhrani

After Partition, the majority of Sindhi Hindus left Sindh and migrated to different states in India in search of livelihood. The government set up 96 refugee colonies. Besides these Sindhis settled in various towns and cities of India wherever they got some support. Many families migrated to Bombay and its surrounding suburbs and towns. All were Sindhis but from different provinces, states and villages of Sindh - Shikarpur, Larkana, Sukkur etc. Thus although being Sindhis they didn't know each other. There only identity was that they were Sindhis, from Sindh.

During that time, Ram Krishna Advani felt that it was necessary to bring Sindhis together. Because only if they were together could they be strong and will be able to help each other. Keeping this in mind, he established 'Friends of Overseas' (now known as 'Friends of International Sindhis') with the help of Ram Buxani, N. D. Golani, Ram Panjwani, Anand Panjwani and Nari Gursahani on the occasion of Ram Buxani's wedding anniversary celebrations at Hotel Natraj. With moral and financial support provided by Ram Buxani, Ram Krishna Advani's magical writings and the efforts of Narsingh Golani 'Friends of Overseas' became quite popular and many joined this organization. There was a time that every Sindhi was proud to be identified as a member of 'Friends of Overseas.' Which province of Sindh he belonged became unimportant. On being introduced to another Sindhi the remark was not 'I am from Sukkar or Shikarpur or Larkana' but 'I am a member of 'Friends of Overseas' are you also a member?' This organization 'Friends of Overseas' became a mark of identification and a rallying point helping in the bonding of Sindhis and the success of this is largely due to the untiring efforts of N. D. Golani and former members of the organization, Devidas Moolchandani, Murli Adnani and Chander Manghnani. Mr. N. D. Golani was also instrumental and played an important role in the formation and success of 'Builders Association of India', 'Sindhi Council of India' and several other leading organizations in the country.

His contribution cannot be forgotten and he can't be ignored. Trying to bring together all the Sindhis residing in India, conveying the message of Sindhyat, welcoming and honouring the Sindhis who reside outside India, introducing them to the Sindhis settled in India, encouraging and honouring the artists and litterateurs, in short in every task of Sindhyat he was at the forefront. He always participated in those services which were carried out for the welfare of the society. He organized many such get-togethers at Radio Club or at his friend and Secretary General of the organization Chander Manghnani's Hotel Rosewood. There wasn't a month when such a get-together wasn't organized. For all this hats off to N. D. Golani who sacrificed a lot, remaining away from his family for long periods of time. He was fortunate to have had the support of his brothers in business as though a civil engineer, he devoted less time to business and much more time in the cause of Sindhyat.

During the early days he was involved in extensive travel throughout the country and visited the remotest corners even if only the destination was inhabited by just 3 – 4 Sindhi families. Even today when someone from Mumbai visits to any part of the country to attend a community gathering or function the first question put to him is “How is Mr. Golani”. That is the extent of love and devotion amongst people of the community and the esteem in which they hold N. D. Golani.

Nowadays we hear about so many Sindhi Sammelans being organized. The most truly successful Sammelan which comes to my mind, was the one organized at an all India level by N. D. Golani in Delhi. He got the Sindhis to participate in this Sammelan not only from all over India but also those residing outside India. The Chief Guests were Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and President Zial Singh and this will always be considered as a memorable Sindhi Sammelan. Getting all the Sindhis together on one platform, spreading the message of Sindhyat, encouraging the artists, taking care of the litterateurs, this is the historical contribution of N. D. Golani. Besides Social and literary gatherings he was at the forefront and participated as an active member in all committees formed to address the political rights and justice for Sindhis in India.

Honouring his contribution, this year he was awarded the 'Ishwaribai Buxani Award' by Ram Buxani in memory of his mother.  This news has brought about a wave of happiness in the entire Sindhi community because honouring the enthusiastic, selfless and altruistic person is like honouring the Sindhi community. On behalf of all Sindhis, we pray to the Almighty God to grant a long and healthy life to N. D. Golani