Volume - 8 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2009

Group : Personalities


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To his life, his compassion, his courage, his accomplishments, and his triumph.
With warmth, care and affection.

From the families of
Rochi Jivatram Buxani, Ganga Pahilajrai Chatani, Maya Chellaram Wadhwani

18th November 2009

Ram Buxani today, after fifty years of living, working in and contributing to Dubai, is someone who many have heard of, know or silently admired and aspired to emulate. Fifty years, in fact seem such a short time in which he has achieved so much, both in terms of substance and recognition. From a beginning which was in every way a non-starter, he has marched ahead, leaving no stone unturned and no path unexplored. He has carved out and defined a space for himself, a space which few are able to locate, and fewer able to define and protect.

When we, as his family look back at his life, at our life, we see him standing tall against all odds, promising both him and us that he would make every effort. When we look at him today, we see his promises realized, but more we see him making newer promises each day. We see him looking at newer horizons and making finer commitments. We see our dreams of yesterday, realized in his life today; and we see our aspirations for tomorrow in his dreams, efforts and thoughts.

As human beings, each of us does hold certain limitations: and perhaps so does Ram Buxani, maybe not so much limitations as weaknesses. As his family, and those who know him closely, we notice and feel compelled to point to two: first, he is extremely sensitive to the concerns and troubles of others; and second, he is candid in his criticism about the careless waste of resources, whether time, money or even emotion. While the former is quick to be exploited, the latter is rarely appreciated. Nevertheless, he continues to hold steadfast to both these weaknesses, which is possibly why his nature and personality emerge richer and more intense than many.

More than a man, and more than a life, Ram Buxani is a lesson, a message, an exemplar - a lesson on relentless struggles for success; a message conveying the imperative never to give up, surrender or feel diffident; an example of unmatched professional triumph coupled with profound humane accomplishments. As his family, we pray for him - that his desires are realized, pray that his dreams come true, that his aspirations are fulfilled and that he continues to be showered with immeasurable happiness, comfort and contentment. And more, we urge him to cogently continue his journey and not to stop anywhere at any obstacle or shudder ever at uncertainties, but instead to move ahead vehemently remembering the words of Keats: "there is a budding tomorrow in midnight."

As a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a father-in-law, a grandfather, an uncle or even a "distant relative, Ram Buxani sets an example on the principles of establishing, garnering and sustaining a good happy family. He tends to symbolize Jefferson's understanding of his relationship with the family which he expressed as such: "the happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family."

As a son, he cared, and continues to care profoundly for his parents. This was evident in the way he was always concerned about and attentive to the happiness and comfort of his mother, Ishwaribai Buxani. He made sure that everything she needed or desired, whether huge or minute was attained. Today, his continued love and respect for his parents is obvious and evident in the several meaningful efforts he makes to associate their name with welfare initiatives and philanthropic endeavors.

As a husband, Ram Buxani remains an example of deep love, affection and trust. His relationship
with Veena, his wife, is essentially a relationship of warmth and sharing; it is a partnership based on indisputable trust and a bonding of eternal love. The smile that Ram and Veena share today, when they look into each other's eyes, rarely goes unnoticed. Their deep bonding and love leaves one with a feeling of appreciation as well as the somewhat selfish longing to live with such a relationship.

As a father to his three accomplished and independent daughters - Gauri (now Hanisha Alwani, married to Ajay Alwani and a mother of three sons - Nilesh, Amar and Hrithik), Chetna (now Chetna Shastri, married to Bunty Shastri, and mother of two daughters - Jhaanvi and Himakshi) and Rekha (now Jivica Mirpuri, married to Romesh Mirpuri, and mother of a daughter - Divyana) Ram Buxani remains at once gentle, thoughtful yet firm. The brilliance and finery of his parenting is exemplified in the upbringing of his children who are at once free and responsible, determined as well as considerate, and socially committed as well as individually motivated.

As a brother, Ram stands with unfailing support whenever required. He has and continues to care for his sisters and brothers and their families in ways which either not witnessed today or is considered unconventional and unreasonable. It is easy to see his return to childhood when he sits in the company of his brothers and sisters. Today, when Ram Buxani stands together with his family - his wife, daughters, son-in-laws, brothers, sisters, granddaughters and grandsons, he mirrors a story of joyous achievement and profound togetherness.

As we present to him, this token of our love and care for him as well as of our celebration of his life, we realize and acknowledge that it fails to contain all that Ram Buxani has done or achieved. More important, these words we have put together do not express adequately and finally what he means to us; they are incomplete and too small to contain our feelings. Yet we go on, knowing that the future would bring with it several more occasions and many more momentous days, when he would achieve many more honors and recognitions; when he would cross more significant milestones; and when we would again find the opportunity to tell him how much he means to us.

Today, on 18th November 2009 - the fiftieth year of Ram Buxani's humane living and successful work in Dubai, we celebrate him, as well as stand beside him With Love, For Ever

Excerpts :

Ram Buxani is a man, a personality, in fact a phenomenon, who many would find extremely and exceedingly difficult to define in few words or even identify with few labels. In fact, he is one who, as many would notice, elegantly and conscientiously carries several different labels, as well as who responsibly and carefully wears manifold personalities: an unparalleled businessman, a flourishing entrepreneur, an honest collaborator, a caring son, a loving husband, a responsible father, a dependable brother, a ethnically committed Sindhi, a cultural ambassador, a voice among and for Non-Resident Indians, an independent self-made entity, a diligent workaholic, a meticulous educationalist, an expressive writer, a thoughtful intellectual, a theatre performer, a humane individual, a true friend, an accountable socialite, a compassionate person, a hearty philanthropist, a tireless supporter and a generous benefactor, would be to point out just some.

Ram Buxani has witnessed the phenomenal and somewhat unprecedented economic and cultural development of a society, of Dubai and perhaps of the UAE. In many ways, he has contributed to this development, furnishing it, applauding it, sharing it and even adjusting himself to it. In 1959, Ram Buxani began his life and his career in and with Dubai. In fact, it would not be incorrect to suggest that both he and Dubai concurrently began and progressed on the path of sustainable development, economic prosperity and cultural renaissance. And fifty years later, today, both stand out as forceful and influential stories of success and credibility.

To mark this moment: to commend and appreciate the hard work, unfailing effort, careful time, substantial expertise, strong resolve and significant success achieved by Ram Buxani through this half century, we, his family - his brother, Rochi J Buxani and his sisters, Ganga P Chatani (Sati) and Maya C Wadhwani (Radha) with our families, choose to stand in applause; to salute and celebrate this man, and to do so visibly and widely.

For much of the world, and particularly those outside our family, Ram Buxani - my brother, embodies many facets: an excellent business person; an exemplary educator; a renowned Sindhi; a noble philanthropist; and a commendable self-starter, to mention just a few. Ram has earned each of these titles with very hard work combined with humble steps of progress.

For me, however. Ram is a brother - a brother who has been extremely caring, exceptionally loving, and deeply adoring. He is one who has stood beside at each moment of my life, tender as well as harsh. He is someone with whom I have truly shared the many different happiness and pains of life.

And today, when the world celebrates the 50th year of his living and working in Dubai, I, his sister, share his happiness, and congratulate him on his achievements and accomplishments. And I wish him many more moments of success and triumph. But more, I pray that we continue to be with each other with unfailing care and deep love, today, and for every moment of our lives.

-       Ganga Pahilajrai Chatani (Sati)



Mr. Narsing Golani, a well-known social figure of Mumbai is the recipient of Ishwaribai Buxani Life-Time Achievement Award 2009 which will be presented to him at an elaborate function proposed to be held in Mumbai on Wednesday, the 20th January, 2010 under the auspices Friends of International Sindhis, Mumbai.

The award was instituted in the year 1988 by Dr. Ram Buxani, a prominent resident of Dubai, in the loving memory of his late mother, Smt. Ishwaribai Jivatram Buxani, accorded to people who excel in their chosen fields and is perhaps the only recognition which has maintained consistency for over two decades.

Mr. Narsing Golani, an occupational civil engineer, was born in 1932 and has excelled in construction activity.  He has remained Chairman of Builders Association of India. Mr. Golani was the Founder Chairman of Friends of International Sindhis under which he organized an unparalleled congregation of Sindhis at New Delhi in the year 1983 which was attended by Prime Minister, late Indira Gandhi and President, late Zail Singh.  He has also been the main player alongwith Mr. Suresh Keswani, Ex-Rajya Sabha member to activate Sindhi Council of India.


The previous recipients of the awards are noted figures like late Prof. (Ms) Popati Hiranandani, late Mr. Tirth Sabhani, Ms. Anila Sunder, late Mr. Ramkrishin Advani “Rahi”, late Mr. Hundraj Dukhayal, late Mr. Tahilram Azad, late Mr. Ramesh Janjani, late Mr. A.J. Uttam, Late Mr. Prabhu J. Chhugani “Wafa”, Mr. S.P. Menghani, late Dr. L.K. Prem, Mr. Chander Sawnani, Mr. M. Kamal, Mr. Gopal Panjwani, Mr. Lakhmi Khilani, Mr. Bhagwan Khilnani, Ms. Veena Shringi, late Mr. Gobind Malhi, husband and wife duo and joint winners, Dr. Moti Prakash and Mrs. Kala Prakash, late Mr. Chandru Atma, Mrs. Rita Shahani, Mr. Satram Rohra, late Dr. Motilal Jotwani, Mr. Goverdhan Mehboobani “Bharati”, Mr. Jayant Relwani, husband and wife due and joint winners, Mr. Thakur Chawla and Mrs. Paroo Chawla, Dr. Murlidhar K. Jetley and Dr. Dayal Asha.