Volume - 7 : Issue - 1

Published : Jan. - Mar. 2008

Group : Personalities


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Torch Bearer of Sindhiyat

Writer, poet, journalist, social reformer – Shri Ram Krishin Rahi passed away on 19th February 2008.

Ram Krishin Rahi was a man of vision. His mission was to bring all the Sindhis who had migrated from different parts of Sindh in Pakistan after partition and were settled in various parts of the country, on a common platform to get together to keep their culture alive. To achieve this he felt it necessary to bind all the Sindhi social organizations together. Born from this vision were various Sindhi social and cultural organizations, prominent amongst them being – 'Friends of International Sindhis', 'Priyadarshini Academy' and 'Sahyog Foundation'. Due to these organizations, there was a new awakening. Sindhis from different towns and villages of Sindh, Pakistan who were not acquainted with each other previously, came together and got to know each other.

Ram Krishin Rahi regularly wrote for the last page of 'Hindvasi'. He tried his best to put vigour and joy through his pen. Along with senior artists, he also encouraged new budding talent by giving them the right identity and direction in society. Due to his efforts many wonderful stage artists like S. P. Menghani, Ramesh Janjani, Anila Sunder etc were able to create history and a new era began. He polished and enhanced Sindhi language, culture, stage, music, drama and dance.

Ram Krishin Rahi always saw the brighter side of life. He never criticized anyone. He did all his jobs selflessly without any selfish motive. He had taken on the responsibility of passing on his task to the younger generation, which he did brilliantly through his writings.

Ram Krishin Rahi not only worked hard for Sindhi literature, but also showed the path to realize God. He chose the path of 'Braham Kumaris' and till the end was a part of this group.

May God grant his family strength and fortitude in this hour of grief.