Volume - 6 : Issue - 2

Published : April - June 2007

Group : Personalities


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RAM JAWHRANI – the multifaceted personality

By Nana Chudasama (former Sheriff of Mumbai)

A well known figure in society, Ram Jawhrani has been in the forefront of social activities. Through his organization, Sahyog Foundation, he has taken up cudgels against social evils such as Dowry Menance and Drug Abuse. With the active support of Late Shri Sunil Dutt, Film thespian and Member of Parliament, Jawhrani had launched the 'HUM EK HAIN' movement in the early nineties to promote National Integration.

Jawhrani truly symbolizes a multi-faceted personality. Whether it is business, social work, philanthrophy, journalism or literature, he has carried out a niche for himself in these areas. Conscious of the need to promote Art, Culture and Literature, Jawhrani edited periodical Magazine 'Sahyog Times' in English for a decade in the nineties. As an Editor of the magazine, Jawhrani has penned several articles and message oriented editorials. He has offered scope to well known writers for bringing across their views before the public. This magazine also brought awareness among the younger generation about the rich Indian Culture. Moreover the publication served as a bridge between Sindhis and non Sindhis

A humble and pious person, Jawhrani has always supported the under privileged section of the society by organizing free health camps and distributing sewing machines to widows for self employment and tricycles to the physically handicapped.

A symbol of courage, determination and sincerity, Jawhrani has been a source of inspiration to the younger generation. He is a man of vision and has introduced innovative ideas in cultural fields. Realising that only vocal culture can save the Sindhi language from extinction, he encouraged non sindhi playback singers such as Mahendra Kapoor, Anup Jalota, Kavita Krishnamoorthi, Rajendra Nina Mehta, Udit Narayan, Sadhna Sargam and many more to render songs in Sindhi

Jawhrani has figured in several Sindhi and Hindi Television Programmes on Doordarshan and has several awards to his credit. Notable among them being 'Hemu Kalani' Award of International Sindhi Panchayats Federation, the apex body of Sindhi Panchayats all over the country.

He has also received Sindhu Ratna Award at the hands of M P chief Minister Digvijay Singh and 'Friend in need' award of Rotary International. He has also been felicitated by the Maharashtra Sindhi Sahitya Academy, honoured with Jal Vayu Vihar Award at the hands of Megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Padmashree Ram Panjwani Award  by Goregaon. Sindhi Panchayat,

Urge to help the poor and the needy and upliftment of the community has been uppermost in his mind ever since he stepped into social life. Initially he started Hukmatrai Mevaldas Charitable Trust in the memory of his grandfather, which provided financial help and foodstuffs to the poor and needy families. Recently in Mumbai Suburban Bandra, a chowk has been named as Hukumatrai Mewaldas Chowk. In 1987 he set up Sahyog Foundation, which has now become a prominent  Non Governmental Organisation. A chowk in Northwest Mumbai, in Khar has been named as “Sahyog Foundation” Chowk. The University of Mumbai has also setup a “Sahyog Foundation” corner at its Kalina Campus for promotion of Sindhi Language .

A humble and soft-spoken person, Jawhrani has the reputation of helping everyone who approaches him. He says, “The word 'No' is not in my Dictionary. God has given me everything, then why not spare a small portion of this income for charitable causes.”

Late Sunil Dutt had observed “Ram Jawhrani is the soul of “Sahyog Foundation”. He has blended people of different walks of life to seek their help for the betterment of the society. “Sahyog Foundation” has not only honoured film personalities for their contribution to the promotion of Art, Culture and National Integration but the organization has also striven for helping the disabled and fighting social evils such as drug abuse and 'AIDS'. “In my view, Jawhrani is a multi faced personality. Mumbai is a city of Miracle men and one of them is Ram Jawhrani. Should Mumbai have 100 persons like Ram Jawhrani, the entire city would wear a different look. I am very impressed with the activities of “Sahyog Foundation” and that is why I have associated myself with this organization since it's inception.”

Shri Ram Jethmalani, former Union Law Minister, has aptly described Ram Jawhrani as the Cultural Ambassador of Sindhi Community.

“'Sahyog Foundation', Ram Jawhrani and myself have been fighting for the betterment of the society and striving to remove the word 'handicapped' from the dictionary” says actress Sudha Chandran.

The biggest contribution of Jawhrani to Sindhi culture is his Television Interviews of 50 eminent Sindhi Personalities in 104 episodes which are being preserved in the archives of Doordarshan. Among those interviewed are L.K Advani, Ram Jethmalani, Dr. Suresh Advani, Dr. Indira Hinduja, Govind Nihalani and former Admiral R H Tahilyani.

Jawhrani has also written stories for message oriented telefilms. “Dan Veer” has already been telecasted on Doordarshan while 'Nyani Nimani' is in the making.

Jawhrani is a strong believer in 'Karma.' 'Karma' has been his principle in life and he has always strived not only for his betterment but also for the progress and development of the community and the nation. Perhaps that is the reason for his success.

Sindhishaan – felicitates ‘Sahyog Foundation’ for completing 20 years of dedicated social service.