Volume - 6 : Issue - 2

Published : April - June 2007

Group : Personalities


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“in Appreciation of Our Mother”  Straight From the Heart

Mummy (Mrs. Paru Chawla) will be celebrating her 75th birthday on 19th July 2007. Knowing her nature and her simplicity we know that she will not appreciate our throwing a party in her honour and waste money, time and energy on feeding well fed people. She would rather have us do some constructive work, help the needy, learn a new art etc. etc.

Keeping her personality in mind I sat down to pen a few thoughts and have taken a trip down memory lane and was struck with a thought which matured into a brilliant idea – why not jot down at least 75 things that we have learnt from our dear mother over the years. She is the strongest emotional support system of our entire family, be it maternal or paternal, a multifaceted personality, a woman of substance and principles. She owns the most generous heart, unbelievable vision and foresight and with her selfless and unconditional love has gifted us the most valuable gifts of love and life.

As she firmly believes in sharing knowledge, we would like to share with our readers all that has been taught to us by our mother who is a living legend and a true saint (often misunderstood due to her bluntness) so that we all can take advantage and try and implement her teachings in our day to day life.

Mummy – We all love you and your love's labour will last forever.



1.       A little love goes a long way.
2.       24 x 7 count your blessings and be grateful to God.
3.       Always love your motherland and mother tongue.
4.       Negligence on the part of beloved is the only cause of suffering in love.
5.       If you cannot help somebody please don't hurt them.
6.       Selfless love is what the heart needs all the time.
7.       Understand your “Sindhi Kalaams” and appreciate the world of Sindhi Chowki.
8.       Save money and energy to save yourself from agony.
9.       Decide, design, dedicate and deserve.
10.     Honesty and hardwork always pay.
11.     An ounce of action is better than tons of planning.
12.     Never make false and tall promises.
13.     There are no short cuts to success.
14.     Love everybody unselfishly.
15.     Life is not easy for any of us. You can make it easier by the way you take it.
16.     There is no age limit for learning. It is a continuous process.
17.     God's plans are perfect. Have faith in him.
18.     Kindness is the only language that everybody  understands.
19.     Always address everybody by their name be it a driver, peon, maid or the dhobi.
20.     Set your goals and aims high – never excuse  yourself.
21.     It is important to learn all the household chores even if you don't have to do them.
22.     English grammar, spell checks and arithmetic are most important to deal in day to day life.
23.     Music has no boundaries it can cross all barriers and touch hearts.
24.     Ego must go.
25.     For good health certain regulations as to food are necessary.
26.     Hands were made by God to give – not to grab.
27.     It is possible for a lady to successfully combine her career and home – it only requires systematic planning.
28.     Be simple in dress, diet and daily living.
29.     The Guru is the means of realization of God.
30.     Apologize when you are in the wrong.
31.     A conflict shouldn't end any relationship.
32.     Believe in the power of prayers.
33.     Know your body, worship it and follow simple health tips regularly.
34.     Never ever borrow money.
35.     Rise early in the morning to avoid backlog of work towards the end of the day.
36.     Keep your intentions and thoughts good.
37.     Mother is the first Guru of everyone.
38.     Arithmetic is not rocket science. You can learn it by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing the numbers on the number plates of cars while traveling.
39.     Luck follows and favours those who put in effort and hardwork.
40.     Maintain sincerity and simplicity in all that you do.
41.     Bottling up feelings in any relationship does not help. Bring out the differences into the open and air them.
42.     Love is a universal, divine feeling that dwells in all.
43.     See things from other's point of view also.
44.     Recognize the divine qualities that we all are blessed with.
45.     Charity and donation should not be attached with any personal motive or benefit.
46.     Our agonies and anxieties are self created.
47.     To learn anything new always prepare and practise.
48.     Always keep yourself busy constructively.
49.     Every member of the family should be self-reliant and financially independent.
50.     Beware of a fake friend or a false well wisher.
51.     All our knowledge is based on experiences and must be shared with all.
52.     “I” before an “E” except for a “C” you do not need windows XP for a spell check.
53.     Make it a habit to respect all young and old and never forget to pay tribute to the loved ones who are no more.
54.     Spend a healthy amount of time with family and friends.
55.     Do not underestimate your children's potential.
56.     Stay fit and healthy by eating seasonal fruits and vegetables.
57.     Every decision in life should be taken with head and heart combined.
58.     In every attempt there will be one set of men who will appreciate and another who will pick mistakes.
59.     Seek the blessings of parents and elders.
60.     An educated person is not necessarily intelligent.
61.     The greatest temple of worship is the human soul which never changes.
62.     Accept God's will happily.
63.     Shed the extra burden of worldly desires.
64.     Perform every task with discipline and duty.
65.     Age gracefully and do not give up doing routine jobs due to old age.
66.     Cultivate the art of talking less and sensible.
67.     Do not get trapped in the materialistic world.
68.     Restrict your expenses as per your earnings.
69.     Expectations cause hurt.
70.     Practise detached attachment.
71.     Do not compromise on your daily routine of morning or evening walk.
72.     Always remind yourself “This bad phase too shall pass away.”
73.     Idleness gives birth to sickness, if not physically then mentally.
74.     Hard work never killed anyone.
75.     God is life. God is truth.

Children   Grand Children
Shobha Lalchandani   Anand, Anisha
Barkha (nee Sindhu) Khushalani    Amrita, Vinay
Anil Chawla    Raashi
Ram Lalchandani   Ruchita
Jagdish Khushalani   Mohit
Neha Chawla    and Aarohi (great grand daughter)