Volume - 5 : Issue - 1

Published : Jan. - Mar. 2006

Group : Personalities


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New Delhi based - The Authors Guild of India awarded the first prize for English literary work to Pune based authorAruna Jethwani for her debut novel 'Another Love, Another Sky'.

The award consists of cash prize worth Rs 15000, a trophy and a certificate. This award is named as Subramaniam Bharati Puruskar. Aruna Jethwani received this award at the hand of the Hon. Shri Bhisham Narayan Singh Former Governor of Tamilnadu at the Authors Guild of India Seminar titled 'Sidelining the Author' held at the World Book Fair-2006 at New Delhi recently.

Aruna Jethwani is the former principal of St. Mira's College for Girls and has several books published to her credit.

'Another Love, Another Sky' is published by Sterling Publishers Private Limited New Delhi. It is available at all outlets of Crossword and Oxford bookstores across the country.

Authors Guild of India is an all India body registered under HRD ministry of India and has a membership of over 3000.


Prominent authors speak about
Another Love, Another Sky

Abid Surti : Renowned artist and nationally awarded writer.
The novel is lyrical, with beautiful flow of the language. Its theme is unique, laced with mysticism. Indeed this is not the run of the mill book in the market. It is a rare book to be read, treasured and preserved.

Dr. Mohini Khot : Professor of Indian Fiction at the University of Poona.
It is a novel of self growth. A novel that shows how to rise in love and not fall in love. Another thing impressive about the story is the doctor couple, who inspite of assignments abroad choose to work in a tribal belt of Dharampur.

Yasmin Panthaki : Reader for Kimayagar (An NGO for promoting literature)
The novel has an excellent theme and one can relate to it. The language is beautiful. The diction most appropriate to time and space. For a Non-Parsi to write so accurately about Parsi eccentricities and their gentle pure hearths, about their colonial hang up and their philanthropy  deserves kudos.

Kashmira Illavia : Spiritual Healer.

I have been impressed by the paranormal incidents. They are very real, believe me. To weave this kind of psychology in the beautiful love story is indeed rare. The spirituality is moving.