Volume - 4 : Issue - 3

Published : Jul. - Sep. 2005

Group : Opinions

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A child is first known by the name his parents give him, then by the place of Birth, Language and culture. Sindhyat means flavour and fragrances of being a Sindhi. We are very fortunate to be born in this very ancient race which has its origins which date back many centuries. So, it should be our duty to preserve our culture and heritage through music, dance, literature and above all by speaking our sweet mother tongue.



I try to present complete Sindhiat through these dance ballets. In these dramas there is an element of literature, original sindhi music, typical sindhi costumes with sindhi colours like red, blue, yellow, sindhi mannerisms, style and actions, pure sindhi beliefs, religious ceremonies. Through my ballets I present Sindhu Sabhyata packaged in a modern form for today’s young generation.




ROOP GEHANI - Stage Artist
Being part of the Sindhi artistic scene since the last fifty years, I feel our sindhi audience is only interested in laugh-a-minute plays and Jhulelal Music! Should we then be under an illusion that we belong to that great Sindhu Vally civilization? An unfortunate artist expects an answer to this from the community.




When we are taking about ‘Sindhiat’, we think about a group of features which on an average belong to each individual Sindhi and in turn the features of Sindhi society. Thus, ‘Sindhiat’ is not a name of anything but is a feeling by which one feels oneself ‘Sindhi’ and is recognized by others as ‘The Sindhi’.

Thus, Sindhiat is an identity of Sindhi community and it’s the duty of Sindhi women to provide this identity to their children.