Volume - 2 : Issue - 1

Published : Jan. - Mar. 2003

Group : Opinions

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Punjabi pop music is appreciated by all communities why has there been no attempt to promote Sindhi pop and thereby generate interest in Sindhi Music and language?

1. Brig Manohar Bhambhani
     What is POP music? It is nothing but POPular music. Be it Punjabi or Malyali or Marathi. Reason why Punjabi POP is POPular is that it has a Fast rhythm and beat, which is further accentuated by the fast bhangra dance by male members and its counter part Gidda, by females. TV, as a medium and Punjabi Channel in particular have done wonders for Punjabi POP music. Now coming on to basic question, why has Sindhi music not become POPular? Reason is not far to seek. Our basic Folk music like Dhoiaras and so on are in a sad note. We hardly have any music or dance which follows a good crop, as is in Punjabi or even in Assamese, Bihu dance form and its accompanying music, comes into play just before the harvesting season. Today even our Kalyan or Pimpri brand of music is Filmi oriented tunes with Sindhi Lyrics. If you want to hear some genuine Sindhi music and songs of devotion, go unannounced on any Sunday,from 0730 to 0900 to Kambar Darbar Sahib at Kandivilli in Mumbai and you will get to see what popularity of music and Sindhi Kafi can be. If Sindhi music has to become popular, then it has to be pulsating, fast moving and DANCEABLE. Regards Manohar Pune 07 Sep 2002.

2. Rajiv Laalchandani
     Sindhi Pop music unlike Punjabi Pop does not have the television medium to promote it. There have been some remixes done of sindhi songs like Jhulelal maast kalandar by the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He has made an attempt to combine Sufi music with modern beats. The results were quite good. I am sure after Sindhishaan has launched the first ever sindhi serial on TV there will surely be an upsurge in talents who want to come on the silver screen and showcase their singing talent which could then lead to more music directors jumping into the fray and we could have sindhi pop soon. Lets hope for the Best Rajiv Laalchandani.

3. Nishita Badlani

To what can you attribute the general preference for things flashy and loud amongst Sindhis?

1. Hari Karamchandani
     Our older generation comes from Sindh–tribal–dessert province and even to-day of if you go into interiors of India or any where in the world you will find rural folk wearing colourful flashy clothes and jewellery. So I think this is a traditional inbuilt characteristics of the Sindhis. It is only in cities that people follow changing trends and fashions and the younger generation educated Sindhis are also in tune with current trends and fashions and not loud or flashy.

2. Rita Lalwani
     We are an outstanding community and so we strive to look outstanding in a crowd. So whats wrong with that. If we have diamonds and gold why not show it.

3. Savita Jaisingh
     I do not agree that Sindhis generally prefer loud and flashy things. There may be exceptions who lack taste and overdress - but these exceptions are in all communities not only in Sindhis.

4. Inder Lala
     People in all communities are times flashy and loud, unfortunately because of not being united only they are critisized for being loud and flashy.

5. Rani Tekchandani
          I think you are wrong it is not Sindhis who generally prefer flashy and loud things but a practise which is more common amongst the South Indian Communities.

Sindhis are essentially non-violent. To what can you attribute this characteristic?

     Sindhis are essentialy non-violent ‘cause they have been leading the lives of nomads since times immemorable, basically because they are traders by nature and this takes them far and wide in world , where they come in contact with the diverse cultures and people and the need to interact peacefully with their hosts. Gradually it has become natural for them to be peaceful ,friendly and easily adaptable to all situations. 

2. Shailesh Ahuja
     Sindhis are God fearing people. The solve their problems with brains and not arms. They like to live peacefully with other people. 

3. Aarti Khemchandani
     I think Sindhis are non-violent as they are a scared lot. They run away from sitruations rather than face the music. 

4. Naresh Wadhwani, Pune
     We all sindhis are non-violent, (except few females) as a result we are considered no. 1, business people in the world, this is what other people think about us, and i am proud of it.

5. Peeya Choudhary                                                                              
          Hi, I being a Punjabi feel sindhis are non-violent because they have excellent business acumen and can easily get their work done using their minds rather than their muscles. !!! 


Presuming a Sindhi state is created in India – would you migrate to this state?
YES – 48%;              NO – 46%;        CAN’T SAY – 6%


If given a choice would you choose to be Reborn as a Sindhi?
YES – 43%;              NO – 54%;        CAN’T SAY – 2%


 Do the meals cooked and served at your home generally adhere to the Sindhi cuisine and style?

YES – 68%;              NO – 29%;        CAN’T SAY – 3%