Volume - 9 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2010

Group : Music & Arts


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Celebrating the Rich Musical Heritage of Sindh


A Spectacular Evening of Music and songs was held on 5th Oct .at The St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra showcasing the different aspects of Sindhi Music.

This event started with the rendering of Shlokas of the legendary Sami by the melodious rendering of Ghansham Vaswani. The programme clicked from the word go with the all time favourite,  “Lal Muhinjee Pate”, by Ghansham Vaswani and his troupe. This was followed by the Shah Kalaam,  “Pere Pawandee saan” sung by Minakshi Vaswani in her sweet and soulful voice. Then came the introduction of a splendid voice, a singing star of the future who rendered the evergreen Sachal Kalaam,  “Nangeda nemaniya da”. The rendering of  “Roi Roi Maa” a song by Prabhu Wafa in Sindhi Kafi, clearly demonstrated the classical skill of Shilpa. Then came the romantic song of Master Chander  “Dil Tuhinjee Muhinjee”, sung by Ghansham and Minakshi which set the mood with shouts of  “once more “. Then came the Sant Kanwar Ram  “Nale Allakh je”, by Ghansham one of the best of the evening. This was followed by the entry of the Bhagat Prakash, who had the audience singing and dancing with him.

Before the interval the known TV personality and hero of the Sindhi film, “Pyar Kare Dis”, Mr Jiten Lalwani was felicitated and honoured. It is indeed very nice of such personalities to be present to inspire the Sindhi community by their presence.

The next half began with a medley of Sindhi Marriage songs  “Laadaas”, sung by Minakshi, Shilpa and Ghansham, bringing in a mood of celebration and joy. This was followed by soulful rendering of Dohiras of Kishin Rahi and a Vashdev Nirmal song, “Allah mun natha Visran” which brought back nostalgic memories of Sind.

The listeners were in for a great surprise with the entry of the noted, young, dynamic Playback Singer, Shaan. Shaan who not only obliged with singing a Sindhi Laada but also a Hindi song from the film  “Fanaa”. He mesmerised the audience with his charm and grace.

Then came the very popular song of Prof. Ram Punjwani, “Allay je chame razi aa”, by Ghansham which was followed by a Parody, “Khuda Khe toon” which was enjoyed by one and all. The highlight of the evening recital was the song by Shilpa,  “Mast Kalandar Aahin Toon” which brought out the best in Shilpa and the musicians. The Shah Kalaam,  “Alle muhinja Maruda”, sung by Minakshi continued the pace and rhythmic mood of the performance.

The song Akhidyun in Bhairavi and Bulleh Shah's dohiras transposed the audience to a totally different mood and set a new dimension to the recital. The Sufi aspect of Sindhi music was very well demonstrated. The last song  “Dum Duma Dum”, left a stamp of the great heritage of Sindhi music.

The six illustrious musicians, good sound, exquisite set design and pleasant lighting effects did the trick for the evening. Not to forget the pleasant anchoring by the charming, elegant Moomal Punjabi from Dubai, who although young and far away is still attached to her roots and the Sindhi Language and Music. 

Such events enthuse a lot of hope for young Sindhi artists and assures great future to this great heritage. All thanks to the Sindhi Shadyees and sponsors of this event who very generously supported the cause of Sindhi Music and made it possible. Hope they will continue to support organisers like “Good Music” in their future events as well.