Volume - 9 : Issue - 3

Published : Jul. - Sep. 2010

Group : Music & Arts


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The New Star on the Music Scene


At a very young age of 8, Girish Sadhwani started learning music from his late father Shri Giridhar Sadhwani who was not only a patron of music but also had learnt classical music at Deodhar School of Music, Mumbai and become well-versed in vocal classical music as well as the violin.

Late Shri Girdhar was a spiritual person who has to his credit 30 cassettes on the Gita and has also written a commentary of approximately 100 pages on the Bhagvad Gita. Thus Girish inherited music and spiritualism from his father from an early age. Due to the untimely death of his father, Girish was in search of a “Guru” who could enlighten him in Music as well as spiritualism. Fortunately, he found Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharmaji who was not only a musician but also a philosopher.

Girish’s mother approached Panditji and Panditji immediately accepted her as his daughter – as a result of which, Girish was IN the Panditji’s family. Whoever was free in Panditji’s family e.g. Panditji’s wife i.e. Gurumaa or anybody else, would just catch hold of Girish and make him practice rigorously.

Gurumaa – Shrimati Yogai Sharmaji – herself an amazing singer (daughter of late Pandit Maniramji) wanted Girish to become a classical singer, whereas Panditji wanted Girish to be a light singer. As a result, Girish turned out to be a beautiful combination of classical as well as light music. Till date Girish trains under Guruji, who treats him like his own child.

Girish Sadhwani is a multi-talented artist. Apart from being a versatile singer, he also plays various musical instruments such as the violin and tabla, flawlessly. Girish has participated in many competitions and cultural programmes right from his school days and has won many awards such as Bal Utsav ‘Hare Krishna Hare Ram’ ISCKON, All India Inter-collegiate Ghazal competition, All India Inter-collegiate Classical competition, and has many other prestigious awards to his credit. Girish also participated in prominent shows on ZEE TV, Zoom Channel, E-TV Urdu and Doordarshan.

Girish has a few Sindhi albums to his credit like Andhia a Mein Jot Jagain Wara Sindhi (Sindhi Tarana), Rano Cho Na Murke (Sindhi Remix) and a few others in which he has worked with many leading and prominent singers of Sindhi music. He has not only sung for a Sindhi movie, but has a also given music and sung for a recently released Sindhi film SACH CHHA AAHE. . .

Girish has been a regular performer not only in India but also abroad in countries like Dubai, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Girish has received a Music Scholarship for three years from SINDHI SANGAT – DUBAI, a leading Sindhi Organization for learning Classical Music under able guidance from world renowned Music Maestro Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharmaji.

Girish Sadhwani is a brilliant up-coming artist of India not only among the Sindhis, but also in the main stream.