Volume - 12 : Issue - 2

Published : April - June 2012

Group : Language


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(In the centre is Ms Kajal A Ramchandani, Senior lecturer in Sindhi , Jai Hind College Mumbai, flanked on her left by the President of the Sindhi Seva Samiti Bangalore Mr. Jawahar S. Nagpal & Mrs Ekta Nagpal and on the right  by Mr Rajkumar Kukreja, Chief Coordinator Mission Shandar Sindhi and Mrs Neeta Kukreja.)

A Workshop on Romanized Sindhi was organized jointly by Mission Shaandar Sindhi & Sindhi Seva Samiti on the 5th of April 2013 at the Sindhi High School, Kumara Krupa Road, Bangalore. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Kajal Ramchandani, who is a Lecturer in Sindhi at the Jai Hind College Mumbai as well as the Coordinator of and the Academic Coordinator of Mission Shaandar Sindhi. She was ably assisted by the Chief Coordinator of MSS Sri Rajkumar L.Kukreja.  This first of its kind workshop was very well received by the participants numbering 70 and aged between 7 & 80 years.   At least 10 participants were below 21 years. 

A fee of Rs.200 per participant to ensure that only people really interested in the workshop attended it.  This amount covered the Study materials, a Certificate to each participant. Dinner was served after the programme.
The Workshop lasted 2 hours, with the 1st hour devoted to explaining the Romanized alphabets and thereafter an Open book Test was conducted all the participants.  The test paper comprised of 10 sentences in Devanagri script containing an average of 4 words per sentence which had to be transcribed to the Roman script.  

The testing process, in fact, had the strongest impact on motivating the participants to make a serious attempt in answering the paper Most of the learning was done during this process.   The results of the test were a pleasant surprise:  Out of 70, 6 persons got marks above 80, the highest being 92.  6 participants got marks in the range of 70-80, 11 getting  60-70, 29  getting 30-60, and  the balance 18 below 30.    The testing process also brought in an element of fun to the entire exercise leaving everybody satisfied.

The feedback has been very positive with a number of people evincing a desire to attend a similar workshop and go for advanced learning. The highest scorer in fact proposes to publish her poems & short stories in Romanized Sindhi. 

Important officials who played an active role in helping the session are the President of the Sindhi Seva Samiti, Bangalore, Sri Jawahar S. Nagpal who was very instrumental indeed and other members of Mission Shaandar Sindhi Sri Prakash Madhwani, Madan Doulatram, Lakhmichand Narang, Deepak Narang & Suresh Bhatia assisted in the entire process.

It is intended to organize more such programs across India and indeed, if possible all over the world to create the motivation among Global sindhi population to learn and speak Sindhi and keep the Community together, healthy and strong for all time. We seek Presidents and other heads of Sindhi Community all over world to come forward and give a helping hand or seek our help to achieve our common Community goals.

Reported by: Rajkumar L.Kukreja & Kajal Ramchandani
Email:  --  Cell phone: (+91)  9341247173

Class room for learning of Sindhi via in procession.