Volume - 12 : Issue - 2

Published : April - June 2012

Group : Language


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by Arjan Daswani

Cute Little Madhu (Maddy) R Daswani (5yrs+) joins Dada Kamal Mirchandani's Sindhi Teaching Classes through at San Francisco, Bay Area

When I first mentioned to brother Kamal Mirchandani San Francisco about our intention that my granddaughter (5y+) whom I fondly call Madhu (= honey) and who lives not too far away from his house, join his Sindhi teaching classes at San Francisco Bay Area, he replied, “Your grand daughter at 5+ age would be the youngest to join the class. We have a few kids in the age group of 6 yrs and others 8 through 13. She would most probably require one parent to stay with her through the class”.

And later in April 2013, I was pleased to have received another email from him wherein he wrote:
“I am glad that Raj and Maddy (Madhu) attended the opening session of Spring classes. Young Maddy (Madhu) is really a sweet and loving child. She showed lot of interest and tried well to learn Sindhi sounds. Quite creditable, at her age she sat through the entire session and participated actively. Though some what shy...understandably being her first time. I am sure she will enjoy the classes even more as we go further.

I pray that my granddaughter Madhu (Maddy) grows and aims to bring awareness of Sindhu Culture and the Sindhi language and Identity with pride and passion to Sindhis all over the word and more specifically in the Western World.  May God keep her blessed always?   

I only wish to put on record that in the year 2006, when I was first “almost pushed” into the project of Standardizing Roman Sindhi for the Global Sindhi use, by my senior colleague Mr Govind L Chandiramani of Mumbai (whom we all fondly miss now as he left us for his heavenly abode on 26 Dec 2011) I must confess that at times I used to be upset because of his continued pressure.  Little did I realize then that one fine day we would have success, so much so that I would be blessed with little cute grand daughter, Madhu and she would at her tender age of 5y+, partake in the Sindhi learning classes, the very project I worked on tirelessly day and night from 2 years even before she was born.  Dada Chandiramani, while he lived, told me “This (Romanized Sindhi) project was destined to be achieved through you!   I simply say that DOER is the ONE above, HE sent Dada Chandiramani who spotted me, and others who helped me who are all shown in and thanked for at  For me all those helped me are God sent angels! 

While is grateful to all those around the world who are working to teach through in whatever way, we are specifically grateful to Dada Kamal and Manju Mirchandani for organizing the teaching of Sindhi from  in San Francisco Bay Area in a systematic manner.  They are always looking for and advising us on the improvements.  What is more, soon after the Ahmadabad Sindhi Sammelan Dec 2011 the first ever book in Romanized Sindhi titled "Roohani Choond Sindhi Kalaam" was produced by Manju Mirchandani co-authored by Dada Kamal by providing meaning in English, several copies of which they have distributed free all over the world.  According to Dada Kamal, “Today with the help of this book our global Sindhi youth are able to sing and participate in our traditional Sindhi chownkis keeping our proud heritage alive.  A great achievement for Romanized Sindhi project indeed!”  Books of this nature sure will boost up the use of Script as well as will let our generations go deeper into tying up with our ancient cultural heritage, reviving and revitalizing SINDHI language and the cultural values.