Volume - 6 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2007

Group : Issues


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APPEAL – “Doordarshan – Sindhi”…………..???

By Chand Punjabi

Television media, without doubt is the most powerful media for promoting any language. Currently, Doordarshan is transmitting programs in various regional languages (viz. DD-Oriya, DD-Gujarati, DD-Marathi etc.) through Satellite TV. Respective State Governments provide the resources for these programs to ensure the promotion of these languages. These programs can be seen in many countries, including in Dubai. There is unfortunately no Sindhi State in India, which can ensure promotion of our beloved language and a DD-Sindhi as part of it.

Sindhi language is enshrined in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution, (visit Hence, the Government of India is duty bound to promote Sindhi language. In the absence of a sponsoring state, DD-Urdu has been launched directly by the Centre. Sindhi is now the ONLY language in the above Schedule (out of 22 Languages listed in the schedule) which does not have a DD Channel.

Why this step-motherly treatment to our dear Sindhi language? We have posed this question to many prominent Sindhi Leaders including Shri L. K. Advani, Shri Ram Jethmalani, Shri Suresh Keswani. They all agree that DD-Sindhi is indeed a great idea but………….

Since March 2007, Sindhi Sangat has started a 30-minute Sindhi TV program “Sindhi Surhan” on Doordarshan Sahyadri from Bombay. High quality Sindhi TV programs, including new Sindhi Tele-films and Music Videos broadcast on the channel have been well received by one and all, followed by appreciative and encouraging response from thousands of Sindhis. The only common complaint and suggestion has been to increase the program duration.

Making quality Sindhi programs requires dedication, time, effort and money. Many lovers of Sindhyat and Sindhi language have offered valuable support and encouragement by sponsoring the Sindhi Tele-films and other related activities. But much is still needed to be done. We will welcome wider involvement, support and participation from every Sindhi in this field.

Now, 60 years after the pangs of partition, the basic problems of “Roti, Kapda & Makan” are thankfully behind us. Our prime need of the day is to save the Sindhi heritage & cultural identity. Making DD-Sindhi a reality will be a huge step in right direction. Initially, even 2 to 4 hours a day Sindhi program will pave the way. Let us all work at it. We urge you to please come forward and give us your suggestions, comments and your valuable support.

With massive efforts at social and political level, DD-Sindhi can be a reality in the near future.