Volume - 4 : Issue - 1

Published : Jan. - Mar. 2005

Group : Issues


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Even as the entire Sindhi community seems outraged by advocate Sanjeev Bhatnagar’s writ petition seeking to delete ‘Sindh’ from the national anthem, non-Sindhis have not been far behind in their support for the community in their time of crisis. Baba Siddique, a Congress minister in the Maharashtra Cabinet has written a letter to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in support of ‘Sindh’ continuing in the national anthem, even as the Sena Member of Parliament Sanjay Raut has promised to garner support for the Sindhis by raising the issue in the Rajya Sabha. Christians, Muslims, Punjabis, Maharashtrians and others, who spoke to SINDHISHAAN also expressed complete solidarity with the sentiments of the Sindhi community and wanted ‘Sindh’ to remain in the national anthem forever.

MAJEED MEMON (Criminal Lawyer) :

This is one of the most unwarranted petitions. It is only creating unnecessary controversy among Indians of different shades and regions. It is also creating sense of insecurity and hatred among different type of people. ‘Sindh’ should be allowed to remain in the national anthem and it doesn’t matter if the SINDH (province) may be a part of Pakistan as far as soil is concerned. Sindhis like any other Indian are very much part of our country.




VARSHA GAIKWAD (MLA Congress Party) :

India is a democratic country with several diverse cultures and Sindhis are also amongst them. The petition shouldn’t have been filed as it has hurt sentiments of the Sindhi community. Baba Saheb Ambedkar in the Indian Constitution approved the national anthem, now why should someone want to tamper with it after so many years of Independence.





SANJAY RAUT (Member of Parliament and Executive Editor, Samana) :

I oppose this issue. Without ‘Sindh’ Hindustan cannot be complete. I am in favour of retaining ‘Sindh’  in the national anthem. My party Shiv Sena has always been opposed to the partition of Hindustan. Sindh (Sindhis) and Sindhi Samaj are heart of India. As a M. P. I will raise this question in Rajya Sabha to garner more support in favour of the ‘Sindh’ being in the national anthem. Balasaheb Thackeray also has a similar stance on the issue.



CAROL ANDRADE (Editor of supplements, Times of India) :

I don’t want ‘Sindh’ to be deleted from the national anthem. It is a concept and does not refer to any particular place. The Constitution of India adopted it in 1950, after India became independent. If it was found okay at that time, then today it should be very much retained.




ARVIND INNAMDAR (Former Director General of Police, Maharashtra) :

It should not be omitted at all. Most of Sindhis have come to India, they might have lost their motherland but not the identity, their culture, tradition and way of life. They are part and parcel of our Indian culture or mother India. Without Sindhis, Hindustan will not be Hindustan. It is the people who give history to the geography and make a nation.




KAVITA RODRIGUES (Congress Municipal Corporator, Mumbai) :

I am not in favour of deleting ‘Sindh’. There should not be any changes in the national anthem, creating disharmony among people.

SHAINA N. C. (Mumbai BJP leader and fashion designer) :

It would be very wrong to delete ‘Sindh’ from the national anthem. What is the need to delete? Especially when Sindhis are one integral part of India and the way they have contributed in business, entrepreneurship and various other fields. Forget excluding ‘Sindh’, anybody who resides in India has a right to be part of national anthem.



KRIPASHANKAR SINGH (Congress MLA & former H M of Maharashtra) :

It should not go to the court at all. It is an emotional issue related to nationalism of the country. This issue should have been discussed with Prime Minister or a superior authority like President of India.




SISTER CHRISTOBEL (Nun and Trustee of Mother Teresa’s Roses) :

Why should ‘Sindh’ be deleted? Sindhis are also very much part of our country, it shouldn’t get deleted. Our national anthem symbolizes people and culture, not the single word Sindh.






‘Sindh’ should not be deleted from the national anthem at all. Sindhis are very much part of our country but because of vested interests the Sindh province became part of Pakistan. The ‘Sindh’ is a beautiful part in the national anthem and should remain in it. This petition was unnecessary. It is sad that even educated people indulge in these kinds of issues rather than concentrating on the nation’s economic development.

POONAM DHILLON  (Film Actress) :

Basically the issue must be on territory because its not part of India. But it don’t think after so many years of independence the national anthem should change. It is an emotional issue for every person who is part of India.




SHIV MALHOTRA (Vice-President, Khar Gymkhana, Mumbai)

The petition is the work of people who thrive on controversy. Sindhis are very much a part of the mainstream chain of cultural ethos coming down from the ancient Mohen-jo-daro and Harappa civilizations. The contribution of Sindhis in the field of commerce and Education is almost unparalleled in our city of Mumbai. The National Anthem should remain unchanged.


ROHINI SALIAN (Public Prosecutor, Government of Maharashtra) :

This is an unnecessary PIL filed in the Supreme Court. National anthem is written on culture not about place of piece of land. Before partition there was no Punjab or Sindh state. Sindh was not independent state at all when Rabindranath Tagore wrote this famous song. The national anthem symbolizes culture, feeling and emotions. According to me it referred to people of various culture and regions that were part of India at that time. After all we are one.


NANA CHUDASMA (Former Sherrif of Mumbai) :

The PIL is not subject matter of public interest but is directed against the Sindhi community which has contributed immensely to the development of the nation.



ASHISH SHELAR (BJP Councilor, Mumbai) :

Sindhi should never be removed from the national anthem. The word Hindu has come from Sindhu and so has the word Sindh. How can anybody even imagine of deleting the word? Just because Sindhis left behind the geographical Sindh in Pakistan does not make Sindhis lesser Indians. I am sure the Supreme Court will dismiss Bhatnagar’s petition.




DR. CHERYL FERNANDES (Dental surgeon, Mumbai) :

‘Sindh’ should not get deleted from the national anthem. The petition seeking to delete it doesn’t make much sense; Sindhis are also part of India.

MADHVI ASHAR (Former National Swimming Champ) :

I think it is very stupid. This issue should not have come-up only because people of all cultures live in India. National anthem is patriotic song and puts together the feelings from heart of all the communities. Tagore did not refer to the geographical or land structure of India, he referred to the diversity of cultures that India is made of. There is no point in creating unnecessary controversy or disharmony.

R. M. BHALLA (News Correspondent, Doordarshan) :

I think the petition has no validity. The issue is funny and has been taken to court just to gain cheap publicity.