Volume - 8 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2009

Group : Humour


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SINDH AIRLINE . . . . . .!!


All you good Sindhis enjoy this one!

"Hare Ram, Pyaara Bhaora and Bheneroon"

This is your captain LACHU HATHIRAMANI and  welcome to all of you on our inaugural flight from Mumbai to Karachi. We are proud to inform you that this is the first fully owned Sindhi Airline.

Our Head Stewardess Ms. KALAAN KISHNANI, will be happy to inform you about our all Sindhi facilities, during the course of this flight. Our flight time from Mumbai to Karachi is 2 hrs 30 mins but , we will be stopping at Kalyan, to pick up Mr.Hashu Papadwaro, as he has very generously offered to sell Papads at discounted prices to all our passengers. For those of you who would like to try the Papads on board, we are happy to inform you that we have roasting and frying facilities in our Pantry.

So please feel free to hand over your Papads to any of our flight attendants and they will be glad to oblige you. We are number 5 on the take off list, but our ground crew has managed to bribe the Control Tower staff and we should be taking off in the next few minutes. Sindh Air being a new Airline, we do not have any past safety records but rest assured, we will try our best to land in Karachi with our plane intact. We have made sufficient provisions for those of our passengers who do not make it to Karachi alive ! We will be handing over a 2 carat Diamond Ring, 50 gm Gold Bar and a bottle of Black Label Whiskey to the next of your kith and kin.

For your entertainment during the flight, you will find Sindhi Ladaas on all channels sung by our very own, Mr.Ram Panjwani and Ms.Bhagwanti Nawani.

This will be followed by a Super Duper Hit Sindhi Feature Film 'Chari Khaadi Curry '. International Regulations do not allow SMOKING on flights, but for those of you who wish to SMOKE may do so. We would request you to please open the Emergency Door and throw all cigarrette butts out, so that we do not have any complications with the ground staff, upon arrival in Karachi. We would like to be known as the 'Passenger Friendly Airline'.

Please feel free to move around the Aircraft as you wish, you will not find any signs to fasten your seat belts and neither will you be asked to keep your seat in an upright position, as this is a State of the Art Airplane.

For our First Class and Business Class Passengers, we have provided STRIPED PYJAMAS so they could be more comfortable during their flight with us.

For our Economy Class Passengers, if you find the seats and leg room very tight, please feel free and make yourselves comfortable in the aisles.

By flying with Sindh Air, you have chosen to be different.

Thankyou and hope to see you onboard next time, if we reach our destination safely"