Volume - 12 : Issue - 2


Published : Apirl - June 2013


Group : Feedback

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Laxman Komal



My dear Ram Jawhrani,

I have just finished reading your absorbing interview with Shri Sudhamo Lal, published in ‘Sindhishaan’, and feel intensely impressed by your frankness, with which you have put your points through.

Through all the details of you interaction, there runs a deep current of knowledge and understanding of our Sindhi brethren, living on the other side of the border.

While Mr. Lal was clear and profound in his answers, your introspective acumen was more forthcoming, with sharpness of approach, lucidity of expression and dexterity of extracting even most controversial clarifications from a Bureaucrat of Mr. Lal’s stature.

May Almighty bestow more strength to your yeoman service to the cause of our scattered community.

This is the benediction of your fellow-seekers.

With affections

Yours truly

Laxman Komal