Volume - 11 : Issue - 3


Published : Jul. - Sep. 2012


Group : Feedback

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Dr. P.D. Premjani


Your magazine made me more proud to know about “Hundred Most Influential Indians in the World, has one Sindhi........Mangharam Harwani…..” ...A man of destiny by choice………

 He made the film ‘Pyar Kare Dis’…which I liked.

We take pride in knowing that RICO mixers we had used are manufactured by Chandru Thakur…….a Sindhi…

T 81 Chandru Thakur still work ten hours a day is inspiring.

I liked article about Mr. Lakshamn Bhagtani, lives in these times of corruption but carries on wish his ethical beliefs and actions.

Very few Sindhis might be knowing, the great honour, prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Manu Dadlani’s lifetime contribution to the film n TV industry.

It was befitting tribute to Bhau Sobhraj Menghani, whom I saw last in play”…..Zindagi tunhiji munhiji,…”

Icing on the cake was the last page by Vinita Nangia, No harm in talking about yourself.

Good work.

Keep it up,

Thanking you,

With regards,

Dr. P. D. Premjani

Nadiad, Gujarat