Volume - 10 : Issue - 3


Published : Jul. - Sep. 2011


Group : Feedback

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Dr. P.D. Premjani


Congratulations to SINDHISHAAN ,for the article" I am a Sindhi"- GANDHI - Gandhi's relationship with Sindh & sindhis,by Dr.Dur Muhammad Pathan.

 Very few of us know of Jairamdas, helping Gandhi to finish his Autobiography. What great personalities were Acharya Kripalani, N.R.Malkani, Acharya Gidwani.

Even well-read persons do not know about Choithram and Jethmal Parasram. Happy to know of Hassanand Jadugar's dowry-less marriage.

P.B.Chandwani's bold statement to Gandhi on 20 January 1948...........

All this knowledge is a source of pride for sindhis.

Sincere THANKS for such a nice article.

Dr. P.D. Premjani