Volume - 9 : Issue - 1


Published : Jan. - Mar. 2010


Group : Feedback

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P. D. Jethwaney

Dear Shri Ram Jawhrani,

Hope, this finds you and your family quite hale and hearty and particularly you, with a relaxed mind as your dedicated efforts and hard work have borne fruit in the form of a classic work “Global Sindhis”  (Inheritors of Indus Civilization) book. I heartily congratulate on you successful attempt and endeavour in the direction of preservation and promotion of our ancient and rich culture. It shows a visionary person in you and a true torch-bearer of Sindhyat that you are. God bless you!

About the book, it is not only a compilation of interviews with thirty one stalwarts of community but as I feel, biographies in brief of our great men, authored through interviews. And the book brings out various aspects / qualities of we, Sindhis :-

1.       The hard work done, labour put in and the struggle that we have bravely faced during and after the partition days and that we still continue working hard work in all the spheres of life, fields of profession and branches of trade and business. We have thus proved ourselves as worthy inheritors of our 7000 – year old civilization. It also tells us of “Never say Die” spirit of our community.

2.       We have done benevolent deeds / works, rendered great services and contribute much for the development, progress and prosperity of the nation. We have established schools, colleges, hospitals, industries etc. in the  service of our country-men, irrespective of caste and creed.

3.       We are great assets for our country and have never been any liability for anyone but on the contrary we have rehabilitated ourselves on our own with our hard work, dedication and our well-known business acumen.

4.       We are peaceful and enterprising community with 'March on ahead' attitude, loving even our enemies.

5.       The great men interviewed are greater than the greatest and we are proud of them, as also our other innumerable eminent brothers / sisters.

It appears to me that by nature, approach and the art of interviewing and conversation developed successfully has all enabled you to take in hand such a gigantic book, worthy of preserving. The special set reminiscent of Mohen-jo-Daro (ofcourse with the help of Shri Mukesh Sharma, Director, Mumbai Doordarshan and other associates) created at the studios of Mumbai Doordarshan for the “Sindhi Sarvech” interview programme also shows the artistic bent of mind, besides your literary and cultural side of life. It is indeed a matter of pride for us.

Our eminent personalities have rightly paid rich tributes on your magnificent work. Shri Chander Manghnani who is very close to you is a twin brother has rightly said that you have some magic wand. I would rather say that you both are a Twin-Institute yourselves.

With kind regards and good wishes for a happy Cheti Chand.

P. D. Jethwaney