Volume - 9 : Issue - 1


Published : Jan. - Mar. 2010


Group : Feedback

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Ram Jethmalani

The unfortunate partition of India had a devastating and traumatic impact on Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan leading to a gigantic migration and dispersal in different parts of the world but mainly in what continued to be India.

My friend Ram Jawhrani has paid tribute to the ‘never say die’ spirit of the Sindhi community in his book “Global Sindhis” inheritors of the Indus Valley Civilization and created a reliable records of facts, interviewing Sindhi Stalwarts from different types of walks of life.

“Global Sindhis” in the name of the memorable book, Every Sindhis and non-Sindhi who has some respect for history and interest in the community’s cultural heritage will be proud to read and posses it.

Modestly priced at Rs.1000/-, it is certainly worth buying and circulating amongst your friends and associates, just as myself have done.

Best Regards,

Ram Jethmalani