Volume - 7 : Issue - 4


Published : Oct. - Dec. 2008


Group : Feedback

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Dr. Babu Suseelan



Dr. Babu Suseelan

Proselytizing Christism, Marxism, and Jihadi Islamism are totalitarian and rigid empire building political systems for invasion, expansionism, plunder, oppression, exploitation, and destruction of "non-believers" and their traditional cultures and dogmas. These "closed" systems compete and oppose one another in many parts of the world. However, in India they seemed to have become strange bedfellows and have made an unholy alliance against Hindu systems of philosophy and pluralistic spiritual traditions.

Their use of a veneer of noble values, political philosophy, falsely presented secularism and beliefs about equality in human existence, and dualistic perspectives conceal their tenacious and inflexible dogmas that are often taken for granted as benign and even pious when it comes to religions. There is a widespread blind spot for their historical track record of unjust and oppressive as well as violent tactics full of genocides and widespread deceits and destruction of their host societies and their cultures, religions, and even their languages over the centuries. We Indians generally are unaware of their hidden agendas and ulterior motives. Our Indian politicians lump them as benign "religions" to be given all concessions in a secular country or respect them as political systems, communities, or parties needing special representation in a democracy to win the vote banks for the UPA (Indian National Congress) and inadvertently or many a times knowingly accord them special status and opportunities for expansion.

Hindus and the so-called "secularists" forget the Christists', Islamists', and Communists' past history, their track record of deception and violence, their current designs, and future plans for wiping out Hindu and eventually the entire secularist pluralistic majority. The word "Hindu" is abhorred and vilified in their own country and Hindus are hated by their own brothers who pride themselves as "secularists" and not "Hindus" though going to the same Hindu temples and offering same prayers as the other Hindus, but feeling ashamed to say they are Hindus in their own country. Such schizophrenic existence of the Hindus is now ubiquitous. The "secular" media have created a terrible inferiority complex among the Hindus by focusing microscopically on and magnifying the shortcomings and evils of Hindu society as if other societies do not have their own defects and social evils although they are in fact of gigantic proportions, and historically, viciously and virulently destructive towards other groups of peace loving people. By promoting such anti-propaganda against Hindus the secular English media in India and the UPA Government have facilitated the creation of a criminal nexus against Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains in India but this axis is also operating around the world.

The goal of this organized axis or nexus is to eliminate Hindus and Buddhists from political power from Fiji, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka, and eventually from India. Their unholy alliances hire psychological warfare experts to subvert, and sabotage Hindu and Buddhist nationalism and to create social crisis and political turmoil within their societies using their broadmindedness and liberal political philosophy itself as a weapon against them and weaken their strongholds in a systematic and sustained manner for decades. They conduct in depth sociological, cultural anthropological, demographic, geographic, and socio-economic study of various communities for decades in their targeted countries before planning their strategies for planting Churches, for example, or for building Mosques in strategic locations, for example, near Railway stations, near important crossroads or even police stations, or the holy places of the other groups, etc. from where they could exercise power or control when the time requires it or to sabotage the pilgrimages or gatherings of the other groups to be eventually dominated by them by design.

They develop nation wide or region wide organized intervention policies and programs, designed to create tensions and violence for the promotion and maintenance of so called Western Christian values, Islamists' values, or Communism. The crisis we witness in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Burma is the creation of this criminal gang whether they work together or singly in any domain. Their goal is to create fear, helplessness, and hopelessness among the native people, make them powerless or at least feel powerless and to estrange them from their own indigenous spiritual tradition and to enslave them with the rigid, closed Christian dogma, Islamic dogma, Sharia Law, or make them adopt communism as a political philosophy. In effect the populations influenced by these elements become loyal to foreign masters, whether they are white Christians, Saudi Muslims, or Chinese or Russian Maoists or Marxists.

White Missionaries and their stooges finance, direct, and manage some of the Maoists-anarchists (as their hired Gundas or mafia) as their subversive agents to create crisis and to replace traditional ways with Christian values. The Christian-Marxist- Anarchist alliance has significant implications for Hindus and Buddhists. The strangest alliance is that of the Christists and the Islamists to come together as minorities with common enemy which they view as the Hindu majority in India. The Christists have never shown the courage to subvert any Islamists' strongholds, such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and even Iraq but they are using lame "democratic" arguments to expand their empire in India appealing the secular-minded to respect their "freedom of religion" rights and view it as the same as "freedom to engage in conversions of masses," telling some of the uninformed Hindus that they were not or never were part of the Hindu society. They will never get away with such tactics in any Muslim majority country and they know it quite well not matter how much noise they make against the Muslims in the Western world and empathize and side with Muslims against the Hindus in the Western world using the slogans of Human Rights movement which is exactly 180 degrees opposite of the true facts if any injustice and violation of human rights is closely examined from historical perspective and dimensions.

They abuse the caste, creed, and tribal politics to divide and rule. This state of affairs constantly promoting subversions needs to be seen as a reality and not just a paranoid view of these elements. The nexus has its own sociopathic and violent well funded ways that are mainly subtle but vast and only the tip of the iceberg is visible when violence emerges against the majority populations of these countries or when the political upheavals take place as in Nepal. It would be easy to dismiss and say the Maoists will not be colluding with the Christists. It would be easy to say that the Christians will not choose to be communists who detest all religions. In reality these axis operate on the basis of transient alliances against the common "enemy," that is the majority which is not yet wising up to their tactics and resisting their empire building efforts and grabbing of large real estates within India to be controlled by foreign elements using foreign infusion of funds. An obvious example is the state of Kerala which was originally the Hindu dominated state of Travancore in the 1940's and now boasting majority Muslim and Christian domination as regards wealth and political power but electing a Communist Government ruled by Christian leaders. Even the most popular news agency of Manorama in Kerala is owned and controlled by the Christists with strong communist leanings.

This is a new form of neo-colonialism that can be defined as spreading the influence or control over large sections of the world populations from the "Western White Christian alliance of denominations" under the guidance of the evangelists. Islamists control operating from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (ISI), and Maoists mostly from China. The sooner the Hindu majority recognizes this plot and has effective proactive strategy to prevent erosion of its majority by these elements, stronger will emerge the Indian nation. The erosion, if allowed to fragment and weaken India and its majority Hindu Society economically as well militarily through such subversion, India stands to lose its opportunity to emerge as a future super-power. That is exactly what these elements do not want. They do not want India to emerge as a super-power.

Instead of viewing the pluralistic and open systems of Hindu majority of India which by its very nature has always been "secular" for millennia they view the new secular majority as their own new invention and influence over the educated Hindus who have a secular attitude and way of life. They view the wised up Hindus as a major threat to their expansionist schemes. They approach the uneducated and uninformed poor sections of the Hindu society to pitch them against the educated to create unnecessary antagonism between the two groups which given time, education, and economic progress would naturally become equal eventually. The Christists and Islamists do not want China to be the waking giant but they cannot use the same tactics they use in India in China, as China is not as soft a target as India any more. China restricts the political subversive movements within its own territory by nipping them in the bud. China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the other elements would like to keep India fragmented and weak with its resources spent in dealing with the internal strife, skirmishes, and even wars than to see it emerge as a strong power. That is what perhaps explains the rationale for the emergence of this nexus. The recognition of this nexus and strategic proactive efforts to resist and defeat its eroding design for destruction of the Indian society is crucial for the survival and economic progress of India.