Volume - 7 : Issue - 4


Published : Oct. - Dec. 2008


Group : Feedback

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Dr. Jagat K. Motwani


Email from Dr. Jagat K. Motwani, Ph.D., Fulbright Scholar, New York

Better we (well wishers of Hinduism) work on the causes which are being used by missionaries (Christian, Islamists. Communists) rather than blaming them for track record of deception and violence, their current designs, and future plans for wiping out Hindu and eventually the entire secularist pluralistic majority.  Such rhetorics, without any action plans, are merely good ear-soothing. It is easy to blame others (with inexpensive pen in an easy chair) rather than self for inaction.

We should work on removing the causes for conversions, such as poverty, and caste system. Hindu philanthropists have lot of money to waste on golden Mutaks (crowns) and jewelry for our gods and goddesses. Temples collect lot of money, most of which is misused and abused, rather than be used for education and health of the poor, as Christian missionaries are doing. The greater problem is the inhuman and shameless caste system, all the three -- Christians, Islamists and Communists -- are taking advantage of.

Let me tell you if Sindhi community can be Casteless, why not any other? Most Sindhi surnames, ending with "ni" or "ney" are family based. "ni" means descended from. For example, Karamchandi means I descend from my great, great, grandfather Karamchand. My children can have their surname as Jagtiani.  Sindhis have few Brahmins (Hindus need for several riligious rituals), and mostly Banias. None Shoodra or untouchable.

Better Hindus wake up and work on caste system and poverty of Hindus to prevent further conversions. Blaming others is useless.