Volume - 6 : Issue - 4


Published : Oct. - Dec. 2007


Group : Feedback

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Prem Tolani


Dr. Satish Rohra’s Comments on 11th International Sindhi Sammelan

The Managing Editor

Dear Mr. Ranjeet Butaniji,

I am pained to write this letter for its publication in our esteemed magazine “SindhiShaan” so that your valuable readers should read its contents in between the lines.

Dr. Satish Rohra the eminent Sindhi writer, intellectual, thinker with clear vision has reported about “International Sindhi Sammelan” held from 27th to 29th July at Singapore, in SindhiShaan issue 3, July-September 2007.

While going through the article minutely, I deeply feel that the feelings of Shri Satish Rohra have been either hurt or he is disillusioned with the deliberations of the sammelan and its obnoxious events. Therefore Dr. has converted his displeasure, reporting sarcastically or has tried to taunt the organizers and participants or has railed the whole episode of the sammelan in the fashion which has mirrored the image of high class (rather opulence) society of our Sindhi Community. He has described the sammelan and has elevated it sarcastically as a “First One” due to the following events.

Firstly, infact the NRI delegates were more than the delegates from 35 countries, except Singapore. But good number of delegates opted to be labeled as locals i.e. Singapore, by giving the address of their friends or relatives so as to gain a pecuniary concession in delegation registration fees. Dr. has remarked “yes, if a Sindhi does not save money in a deal, then what kind of Sindhi he or she is?”. Obviously good number of delegates have not represented the country of their adoption, shows the mentality of Sindhis of opulence class. What a fun and joke these people make at the community.

Secondly, he further reports “First One” because the soft and hard drinks, wine and whisky of all brands were freely served even in the conference hall during the deliberation of the sammelan. Dr. further reports that no one seems to be out despite of gulping the good number of pegs, which often happens in India where persons with 2-3 drinks, loose control of themselves and misbehave in the audience.

Thirdly, the sammelan is “First One” because our renowned Sindhi singer Ghansham Vaswani was disappointed when he found very very thin attendance of the audience during the cultural singing programme, because no drinks were served in the hall.

What a fall! The sammelan of Sindhi NRIs, who vocally boast that they meet on this occasion to refurbish their language, art & culture. The organizers were prudent enough to provide drinks with dinner in the next cultural programme where Kajal Chandiramani gave her performance. Not only that but some one from the audience got up and sprinkled the drops of liquor on the gathering and shouted WAH SINDH!

Fourth Dr. Satish Rohra reports in his note that it was disgraceful on the part of Srichand Hinduja, passing cheap remarks and defamed the past Mumbai 12th International sammelan as “Shameless”. And moreover in his speech he said (no context is mentioned) that The man's manhood should be checked with his wife.

With the result hundreds of Sindhi Shedaiis, who attended this sammelan were disappointed, perhaps like Dr. Satish Rohra who has candidly reported the events which obviously prove beyond doubt that these sammelans are held for the gathering of Sindhis all over the world to show their cheap wrinkles of richness and habits.

Hence this sammelan evidently failed to convey the right message. Instead they were proud to live with luxurious and extravagant habits of eating, drinking etc. Certainly this class of people are not worried to imbibe the feelings of pride for our inherited culture and ethos. Moreover I was tracing in the report what was the agenda placed and discussed, the resolutions passed for the guidance of Sindhi Community in India and abroad. But to my dismay I didn't find the things even the learned persons who delivered their piece of lectures, were unable to guide our Sindhi community in right perception.

Hurrah! But we held the International Sindhi Sammelan with all the success?? What a degrading joke this sammelan has exhibited without any right message for the guidance of our youngsters.

Prem Tolani


But fortunately Dr. Satish Rohra as needed has recommended 15 points as prelude to any sammelan.

Date : October 31, 2007.