Volume - 6 : Issue - 2


Published : Apr. - Jun. 2007


Group : Feedback

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Harish Rangwani


Thanks for the email. I really appreciate what you are doing for us Sindhis. Please keep it up.

I need your help for the following two points.

1.       When ever I talk to non-Sindhis about our Ishtdev Jhulelal and Chetichand, etc., they ask some basic things about our Ishtdev. On last Chetichand, when I was talking to a non-Sindhi friend of Sindhis celebrating Chetichand, he asked me about Jhulelal's preaching and what GRANTH Sindhis has (similar to Guru Grnath Sahib, Ramayan, Bhagwat, Bible, Kuran, etc.) I know history of Jhulelal, when he appeared and how he appeared, etc. But I didn't have any answer to his questions. I did enquired from my other Sindhi friends, some of them were quite old. But nobody could give me satisfactory answers. I felt very bad and ashamed when my friend asked me those questions and I could not answer. It looks to me that most Sindhis are not aware of it. If you have answer to these questions please let me know and give publicize it to our Sindhis.

2.       I was in 2nd grade (KACHO) when I left Sindh in 1947. Since then I have not studied my Sindhi (Arabic) Script. But I have kept it alive what ever I learned at that time. However, I want Sindhi Arabic computer Fonts which starts from right to left. I did download Fonts from website, but it write (types) from left to right (for example when type HARISH, in Sindhi, it types in Sindhi but it runs from left and types hsiraH. If you can guide me in this respect also, please let me know.

With regards,

Harish Rangwani (USA)

Jiye Sindhi, Jiye Sindhi Boli, Lal Ja Jhati Chao Jhulelal, Beda I Paar.