Volume - 5 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2006

Group : Feedback

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Prem Tolani


26th Nov 2006

The Editor,
Sindhi Shaan,

Salaam! to you for striving hard towards maintaining the getup of your magazine with almost all the news and views concerned only with Sindhyat; which hardly any other English periodical did/does, with thought provoking articles and letters from the readers. As a regular reader I read such an article written by Mr. Arun Babani under the caption “Gains and Pains” in Issue No: 3 dated 10-7-2006.

After a pretty long time I have come across an article in which the pains of Sindhi community have been candidly painted, i.e. the loss of our language, art and culture due to our scattered living in more than 2,500 villages, towns and cities of India. Mr. Babani has the right apprehensions as expressed in the following paragraph:

“Perhaps the scene will be something like this: four Sindhi cousins from four corners of the earth meet and greet each other in four different languages, with each accompanying a spouse from four different races, and their babies having a multi-genetic composition!”

This will be really a tragedy based on today's study and observation and we will face this anomaly in near future, unless something tangible is done to prevent it. Moreover till today all individuals or NGO's, right from the era of  Ram Panjwani, have being doing patch work, that too in few big cities of Seven Provinces (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi i.e. the main land of Sindhis in Bharat) to save Sindhi language, art and culture. Now in this article, no solution to prevent this apprehension which may bring disaster to the community has been suggested.

Well! I have the solution in the form of a practical plan, with proper schemes under the conception “Sindhi Consolidating Centre”. This plan could be spelled out only when readers of Sindhishaan who are rightly worried of the apprehensions of disappearance of Sindhyat, may sponsor the meeting with appreciating number of Sindhi Shedaii even under the banner of Sindhishaan and its readers. Start this meeting with the region of Mumbai.

With regards.


Prem Tolani