Volume - 5 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2006

Group : Feedback

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Mushtaq Ali Talpur


A Pertinent Question!

Dear Ranjit Butani,

Was pleased to learn about the Sindhi Sammellen at Singapore in July 2007. Please accept our sincere felicitations.

May I know what are your plans for the Sindhi Muslims living in Sindh Pakistan. In todays time when world is shrinking into small unit eg. EU etc where Punjabis irrespective of Religion, Nationality etc are uniting, why not Sindhis. Are we always going to remain divided because of our religious beliefs. May be Countries put some restrictions but why all those many Sindhi Muslims living in countries other then our unfortunate Sub Continent are not part of such events, it does not auger well for the future of our beloved Sindh and Sindhi.

We in Sindh value your love for Sindh and Sindhi and appreciate your contribution towards its enrichment and shall like to forge further unity in atleast Cultural activities. I am even surprised you have no rep or office at Dubai the proud hub of Sindhi Character. We in Sindh have recently formed an international org ''Sindhi Speaking Union'' on the pattern of English Speaking Union. I can only suggest for enriching and safeguarding Sindhi Language & Culture at International level. We wish you well.

Sada Salamat Khush Hujo

Mushtaq Ali Talpur
P. O. Tando Mohammed Khan
Sindh. Pakistan

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