Volume - 3 : Issue - 1

Published : Jan. - Mar. 2004

Group : Feedback

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Narendra Sadhwani



Along with all family members I wish you greater success in providing fabulous articles and knowledgeable write ups through Sindhishaan.  Shree Kirat Babani’s article about “Sant Kanwar Ram” was indeed a touching one like many more in the past.

 I am a Sindhi writer and associated with Sindhi Adbi Mahafil, in Dubai.

I write Sindhi plays and presented one recentely “Manj Ta Manj- Na - Ta - Ta Vanj”, where Dubais’s local business and stage related personalities were present, among them Shree Ram Buxani who was the cheif guest.

I really appreciate all the efforts taken by few of “YOU” in the sindhi community to keep the language and the culture alive.

I wish you and your staff a “Very Happy Diwali” and the success to come in future.

Narendra Sadhwani