Volume - 3 : Issue - 1

Published : Jan. - Mar. 2004

Group : Feedback

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Puran D. Jethwani



Thank you very much for your beautiful magazine ‘Sindhishaan’ (Vol-2, Issue-4, Oct-Dec.2003), both in cover get-up & the contents, with articles by our eminent brothers/sisters. It is coming out better & better and nicer & nicer, issue after issue, full with fragrance of ‘Sindhyat’, indeed!

Your editorial “Home Coming or going back Home” is worth thought giving and questions arising are pertinent. (para 1) – “For that matter what percentage of ........ make available such a state”. If it comes through (let us hope), then which will be a suitable region for this hypothetical Indian state for Sindhis, is also a question to be given a thought.

With kind regards & season’s greetings,

Puran D. Jethwani