Volume - 2 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2003

Group : Feedback

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Uttamchand Issrani


Rahne Ko Ghar Nahin Hai ......

I have received with thanks July-September 2003 issue of ‘Sindhishaan’. Regarding Sindhyat on Right Track by Shri Arun Babani, I do not agree with him when he says “unlike other communities Sindhis by virtue of their guts compelled by the partition of sub continent have spread their wings in all directions of the Universe and the face of Sindhyat is today a multi facetted, multi dimensional and multi layered one etc. Similarly Shri Kishan Khatwani also says that a true Sindhi is a global Sindhi. According to both gentlemen the credit for Sindhyat being global goes to unfortunate partition of the country which is not correct. Even before the partition we Sindhis were going out of Sindh as Sindhworkis. The only correct thing is RAHNE KO GHAR NAHI HAI SARA JAHAN HAMARA. It would have been far better to have Matrabhoomi Sindh, our base and then spread our Sindhyat throughout the World. Is it a matter of pride to loose our own land and claim to be International Community? I hope you know that after killing the demon Ravan Shri Laxman had proposed and requested Shri Ram to stay at Lanka for the rest of life but the reply from Shri Ram was APPI SWARAMYEE LANKA NAME LAXMANA ROCHATE JANANI JANMABHOOMISHCHA SWARGADAPI GARIYASI. Today we are only a Ghoomantu Jatti devoid of real flagrance of Sindhyat.

Uttamchand Issrani, B.A., L.L.B., Advocate
Member, National Council for promotion of Sindhi Language.