Volume - 1 : Issue - 1

Published : Sep. - Nov. 2001

Group : Feedback

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Nanik Rupani

Chairman - Priyadarshani Academy

May 8, 2001
Dear Shri Ranjit Butani,

At the outset, I convey my best wishes to you. I have received the copy of “Sindhishaan – The voice of Sindhis”, with great pleasure. The publication has a very impressive get up and equally interesting contents.

Such a publication was very much required. Sindhishaan will give the Sindhi community an opportunity to express their feelings and aspiration.

My Heartiest congratulations and best wishes for the success.

I take this opportunity to send you a profile of Priyadarshani Academy along with other books and literature for your reference.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Nanik Rupani
Priyadarshani Academy