Volume - 12 : Issue - 1

Published : Jan. - Mar. 2013

Group : From the Editor's Desk

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Secularism runs in our blood

Dear friends,

The recent Supreme Court judgement on the Mumbai bomb blast case has finally brought down the curtain on the 20 year old traumatic episode – hopefully!

Will Communal elements be leashed? – Doubtful.

I reiterate my sentiments of the previous editorial expressed in SINDHISHAAN Volume 11, Issue 4. For true secularism to prevail what is needed is – PARIVARTAN – the change within ourselves.

Religion does not propagate communalism and after all what is religion? – The subjective interpretation and definitions of supposedly erudite followers of a few liberated and enlightened souls who tried to teach us the Universal Law of Nature and show us the path to liberation.

But alas! Instead of understanding and following their teachings the followers created sects and religions and propounded their own theories for their own selfish motives. And what a slide it has been –

  • Could Jesus Christ have ever propagated or encouraged the crusades between 11th – 13th century and the Roman, Portuguese and Spanish inquisitions between the 15th – 19th century?

  • Would Prophet Mohammed have ever suggested a person like Osama Bin Laden to propagate his teachings?

  • Would Guru Nanak have ever encouraged a Khalistan to be created by a terrorist like Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale?

I am sure these enlightened souls must be totally shattered by the atrocities and genocide being committed by despots in their name and under the guise of spreading their teachings and faith.

As my friend, philosopher, guide and mentor Ram Jethmalani often says, “More lives have been lost and more blood been shed in the name of religion than all the wars and battles that have taken place since life began on this planet.”

But he also says, “The only truly secular people of the world are SINDHIS. We have imbibed secularism from infancy – from the time we took our first nourishment from our mother’s milk.”

I am told that in pre-partition SINDH – greatly influenced by SUFISM – the children in Muslim households received gifts and new clothes on Diwali and those in Hindu households on Eid. Can one get more Secular!

So taking pride in our heritage let us boldly propagate Secularism in this terror stricken world by setting an example in our neighbourhood, our city, our country and finally the entire world community.

Borrowing from Burton Hills – Happiness and Peace is not a destination, it is a way of life.”

And on that note I conclude – wishing all readers a HAPPY CHETICHAND.


Ranjit Butani