Volume - 10 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2011

Group : From the Editor's Desk

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Another Point of View

At the risk of probably getting labeled a damp squib and a party pooper amidst the New Year festivities, I gather fortitude to relate a conversation I had during the last week of December 2011 with an enlightened soul, for whom I have the highest regard and hold in high esteem. I choose to refrain from revealing his identity, as I wish to emphasize more on the substance, rather than the individual, a reserved person who prefers to maintain a low-profile.

Our conversation veered around to the forthcoming year and I casually enquired how and where he intended to bring in the New Year – his plans for the New Year Eve celebrations. With a smile spread across his face he asked me – “Is that something to celebrate?” Seeing the surprise on my face, he continued “one more year gone by; do you realize that with the passing of each year you're getting 1 year closer to your day of reckoning, your day of departure. A year added to your past and a year deducted from your future.”

I didn't quite like the direction the conversation was taking and feeling uncomfortable, as anyone would, when confronted with the ultimate absolute reality, brusquely retorted, “Should then we mourn on our birthdays and anniversaries?” In response, his full throated guffaw unnerved me a bit, but the gentle, calm and soothing flow of his words acted like a balm on my rising resentment.

“No, celebrate by all means – celebrate every day of the year if you wish – celebrate the gift of life, the love you received from your near and dear ones, the joy of giving, all this and more – with gratitude to the Almighty for the Yesterday that passed without any untoward incident and the determination to become a better human being from Today – because remember – TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.”

My mind began to reel at the stark reality of his utterance – yet how deep and true! I needed time to think, be by myself, and so nodding, I took my leave without much ado.

On reaching home, lost in introspection, I was jolted back to reality when my wife, handing me a cup of tea enthusiastically inquired, “What are the plans for this New Year's Eve?” Seeing the excitement on her face I didn't have the heart to propagate or confront her with ‘another point of view’.

However, on the personal front – my NEW YEAR RESOLUTION is to try make myself a better human being with each passing day. And I hope and pray that unlike the usual new year resolutions I am able to adhere and abide by this one.



Ranjit Butani