Volume - 8 : Issue - 4

Published : Oct. - Dec. 2009

Group : From the Editor's Desk

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ADIEU 2009


The last quarter of 2009, replete with festivities also revived some grim memories, particularly about 26/11, the previous year, when the city of MUMBAI and the entire country was stunned by the audacity of the terrorist attack on the TAJ and TRIDENT, resulting in loss of life, leaving us shell shocked, with a sense of disbelief and foreboding, shattering our very faith in humanity.

The first day of the new year was thus remarkable for the ray of hope and dawn of possibilities with AMAN KI ASHA – the hope and anticipation for peace; a project initiated jointly by TIMES OF INDIA and JANG, for harmony between India and Pakistan. The endeavour deserves the encouragement and support of every citizen who would like to see our future generations live in an era of peace and harmony and not become victims of terror or witness the violence as prevalent in the recent past. Our own community's links with our ancestral homeland - the soil across our borders; and old deep rooted bonds with our neighbours would, I'm sure, be an additional impetus to our enthusiasm towards the success of the project.

On the subject of peace and non-violence SINDHISHAAN is proud to announce the initiative  taken by Dial Gidwani, founder of American Institute of Sindhology, to include 'non-violence' in the curriculum of schools in the Unites States of America. I'm sure not only Sindhis, but all Indians will take pride at this path-breaking project.

Shifting tracks, as a child I often wondered why all the majority of elderly Sindhis, mainly women, walked with a limp. Was it some genetic disorder? I never found an answer. Recently, during an informal gathering I happened to bump into Dr. Jawahar Panjwani and couldn't resist posing this question to him. His response was “Ranjit – I will give you an article on this – which you can carry in SindhiShaan.” So now I can share this info with all my readers.

Finally no one, be it Sindhi or non-Sindhi, can remain isolated from BOLLYWOOD. The Hindi film industry has been an integral part of our lives and it will in probability continue to do so. And when a Sindhi – moreso from the illustrious Hinduja family is involved with the film industry – its big news happening for us – Sindhis, isn't it? So happy reading.

Ranjit Butani