Volume - 8 : Issue - 2

Published : Apr. - Jun. 2009

Group : From the Editor's Desk

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Taking up from where I signed off in my previous editorial about a wish list for the Sindhi community in India I have included in this issue a few contributions on the subject from the several received viz. Ajay Kumar Pamnani's “Wish List”, Prem Tolani's “Appeal for a Consolidating Centre”; “Project Virtual Sindh” proposed by the American Institute of Sindhulogy under the able stewardship of Dial Gidwani and recommendations covering the hosting of Sammelans by Ram Jawhrani.

The underlying common thread weaving through all suggestions is the exigency to syncretize the efforts of the numerous associations and organizations within the scattered community.

A striking revelation of the general elections, held in India during the last quarter was the prodigious rise in the level of awareness, as a consequence of the phenomenal growth in the reach of electronic media, both TV and Internet. The reticent and deprived masses, even in the most remote rural areas of India, now refuse to be swayed by inane and puerile slogans and expressed their judgment on the political rhetoric, wisely and fearlessly, through the ballot. The appetite for assimilation and expression has truly become humungous, with the youth refusing to toe the passive line of the earlier generation. The participation of youth and the massive reach of the electronic media was also highly evident in the last U.S. Presidential elections.

So the inference I wish to highlight for the Sindhi community is to UNITE and utilize the electronic media as the tool and means to redress our grievances and ensure the preservation and survival of SINDHYAT – our roots, culture, traditions and language for posterity and showcase this unique and marvelous treasure to the entire world.

The 'International Sindhi Sammelan' to be held in July in Los Angeles, can be the platform to set the ball rolling. Are you listening – Prem Lalwani and Dr. Dayal Meshri?

I have often heard “Its no use Ranjit, Sindhis are not united, they're too self-centered, we've tried and given up.” My response to them is “Being defeated is often a temporary condition, Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

So let's move on!

Ranjit Butani