Volume - 7 : Issue - 3

Published : Jul. - Sep. 2008

Group : From the Editor's Desk

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Independence Issue

There has been an overwhelming response to the articles on Shri L. K. Advani in our previous issue, by way of letters and emails evidencing the magnitude of expectations from Shri L. K. Advani, in the hearts of the Sindhis, were he to form the next government subsequent to the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Feedback from two readers is published in this issue which reflects the depth of emotions, sentiments and aspirations presently dormant, but waiting to burst forth.

On the business front the scorching pace of growth set by the Jaisinghani brothers keeps surprising us with regular frequency. In a follow-up article we bring to our readers the trail blazing sprint of these dynamic industrialists, worthy of accolades and emulation and an inspiration for our youth. Industrious, yet unassuming and down to earth, they have in their quite and efficient manner become 'Numero Uno' in their chosen field. And the most significant point of note is that they have remained together and united. A truly rare phenomenon, during times that are witness to splits and acrimony amongst siblings in business enterprises.

Independence for the Hindu Sindhis, cannot but be synonymous with partition, triggering sweet and sour memories of their erstwhile homeland and the travails of the resultant exodus. 'Thrown to the wolves' by late Shri K. R. Malkani reflects the sentiments of the effected generation, in a telling and touching manner, and I'm sure this piece will stir the hearts of many.

It is said 'Religion is a personal matter' and this universal right brooks no interference. In this Independence issue we have tried to investigate the veracity about the reports of the growing number of conversion of Hindus, more specifically Sindhi Hindus to Christianity. We have tried to unravel the causes – whether allurements and inducements are involved; the affect of these conversions on family members and friends; and the steps to be taken by the community to prevent forced conversions, if any, and educate the Sindhi youth about Hinduism – as our path to salvation.

I look forward to response from readers on the CONVERSION ISSUE

Finally, the festive season has commenced and I wish all my readers –


Ranjit Butani