Volume - 7 : Issue - 2

Published : Apr. - Jun. 2008

Group : From the Editor's Desk

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Sindh - India an unbreakable bond

Recently I was invited to the Annual Function of the Sehwani Panchayat. The moment I received the invitation I spontaneously went down memory lane to the times I accompanied my parents as a young kid to these Sehwani Panchayat Meets. It was an event I eagerly anticipated as I felt a VIP with all and sundry at the gathering patting the cheek of “Principal Butani jo poto” and giving me affectionate hugs. It was like one large joint family get together with everyone catching up with one another.

I often heard stories of ‘Sehwan' from my mother and of the great times they had there in the pre partition days. Once, while still in school I asked my mother “Since we originally hail from Sehwan can I write ‘Sehwan' as my native place in the annual forms that we fill in school?” My father, who was seated nearby responded by saying, “No son, Sehwan is now in Pakistan, you were born in Bombay, so you write Bombay in the column meant for native place”. I glanced at my mother and saw tears streaming down her cheeks!
I had the good fortune of visiting Sehwan when I visited Sindh with my parents and relatives in 1971. And whilst there, although for the first time; I felt a deep sense of belonging – of homecoming.

The following lines from Shri L.K. Advani's autobiography – MY COUNTRY MY LIFE under section – SINDH and INDIA – AN UNBREAKABLE BOND strike the chord in every Sindhi's heart : -Sindh is now a part of Pakistan, an independent and sovereign nation, a fact that has to be accepted. But from a civilizational perspective, neither can Sindh be separated from India, nor can India forget Sindh.

Shri L.K. Advani with these lines has hit the nail on the head and stirred up the latent pangs of longing desire in every Sindhi's heart for a homeland.

It is time for someone to take the lead!

Ranjit Butani